UFC on Fox 4 Play-by-Play: Cole Miller vs. Nam Phan

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Cole Miller vs. Nam Phan

Nam Phan and Cole Miller UFC on FOX 4Round 1: They touch gloves.  Phan moving forward.  Miller works his jab.  Miller lands an outside leg kick.  Miller has thrown two front kicks that misse.  Phan moves in with a combination.  Phan lands a left to the body and right hand to the head.  Miller continues to work his jab.  Miller goes to the body.  Miller using his reach well.   Miller lands a left hand.  Phan delivers a looping left hook and another.  Miller goes to the body and eats another left hook.  Phan lands a right hand over the top.  Miller fires back.  Phan works the body and head.  Phan walks him down to the cage and unloads combinations. Miller moves in with a right hand.  Phan continues to work Miller’s body with punches to set up combinations.  Miller lands a right hand and left hook.  Phan lands a straight left and unleashes a combination before the bell.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Nam Phan and Cole Miller UFC on FOX 4Round 2: Miller’s corner tells him to clinch and get the fight to the ground.  They exchange leg kicks.  Miller trying to keep Phan on the outside with kicks and jabs.  Miller goes to the body.  Miller, again, goes to the body.  Phan delivers a combination and Miller answers with a right hand.  They exchange and Miller lands a left hook.  Miller lands a stiff jab but Phan lands a left hand counter. Two minutes remain in the round.  Phan delivers a hard left hook to the body.  Miller circles away.  Phan throwing punches in bunches.  Miller lands a clean right hand.  Phan moves in with a combination and lands a left hook on the end.  Phan finished strong but MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Miller.

Nam Phan at UFC on FOX 4Round 3: They touch gloves to start the final round.  Phan presses forward.  Miller fires back.  Phan lands a combination and a left hand hurts Miller. Miller fires back.  Phan’s left hand is landing more often.  Phan unleashes a high kick but Miller ducks under it.  Miller goes for a takedown but Phan stuffs it.  Phan is dictating the pace of the round.  He continues to work the body of Miller with left and right hooks.  Phan’s corner tells him to pick up the pace even further.  He does and lands a combination.  Miller delivers a hard left hand to the body.  Miller pushes forward and eats a counter left hand. Miller lands an uppercut.  It has mainly been a boxing match heading into the final minute.  Miller lands a jab and a right hand.  He picks up the pace.  He attempts a flying knee that misses.  Miller turns it on but MMAWeekly scores the round for Phan.

The judges score the fight for Phan by split decision.  The scorecards read: 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.

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