UFC on Fox 3 Play-by-Play: Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks

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Josh Koscheck vs. Johny Hendricks

Round 1: Koscheck comes out kicking. Hendricks is patient, but gets through, landing a hard left hand twice, but Koscheck starts firing back, wobbling Hendricks with a combination of punches. Smelling blood, he pursues Hendricks, but Hendricks fires back, landing a couple hard shots of his own. Hendricks gets a left uppercut through, then drops for a takedown, settling for pressing Koscheck against the cage, driving knees into his thigh. Although Hendricks keeps peppering Koscheck’s thigh, the referee separates them. Hendricks lands the left hand again, but Koscheck answers with a hard right hand. Hendricks presses Koscheck to the cage again, but they separate, both landing some good punches. the action stalls as we go into the final minute of the round. Koscheck lands a glancing spinning backfist, and Hendricks answers with a punch combination. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 2: Hendricks lands a leaping uppercut, and then charges Koscheck, landing a couple more punches, but Koscheck scrambles and takes Hendricks’ back as they go to the mat, Hendricks on one knee. Koscheck lands a knee to the body as they stand and separate. Hendricks shoots, forcing Koscheck to the fence, both men on their knees. They get back up to their feet, Hendricks maintaining a body lock and kneeing Koscheck to the same thigh as in round one, but the referee once again steps in and restarts the fight in the center of the Octagon. Hendricks leaps in with a lead hand uppercut, snapping Koscheck’s head back. Koscheck’s right eye is stating to swell up. Koscheck clinches and puts Hendricks on the fence, landing a couple hard elbows. Hendricks leaps in with another left hand that connects. And he scores again with the left hand and shoots as the clock winds down. MMAWeekly.com scores round two 10-9 for Hendricks.

Round 3: Hendricks keeps up with his diving style, landing a left hand, but Koscheck fires back strong and then shoots, pressing Hendricks up against the fence. Koscheck has Hendricks pressed on the fence, but neither fighter gets any offense going and the referee separates them. Koscheck starts throwing some heavy shots, landing a good combination. Hendricks fires back and lands several hard blows that wobble Koscheck briefly. He recovers, however, and lands several of his own staggering punches and then presses Hendricks to the fence. Hendricks locks him up and reverses position, but the referee quickly separates them again. Koscheck lands a body kick, but Hendricks clinches and lands a hard knee to the body. Koscheck drops and takes Hendricks to the mat, landing in half guard, immediately trying to pass. He can’t get his leg out, so he drives a couple knees into Hendricks’ ribs. Koscheck gets his leg out, but Hendricks immediately captures the other leg, to keep his half guard on. Koscheck is still trying to pass, but dropping some hard shots to the ribs and head as he does. MMAWeekly.com scores round three 10-9 for Koscheck, but the fight 29-28 for Hendricks.

Johny Hendricks def. Josh Koscheck by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28), R3

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