UFC On Fox 2 Results: Sonnen Edges Bisping for Shot at Anderson Silva

January 28, 2012

The UFC’s most charismatic middleweight, Chael Sonnen, will now get his wish to rematch Anderson Silva after edging out a close decision victory over TUF 3 light heavyweight winner Michael “The Count” Bisping at UFC on Fox 2 in Chicago on Saturday night.

It wasn’t as easy as expected for Sonnen, as the first two rounds were incredibly close.  Bisping was able to scramble and get the slight better of Sonnen standing.  The few clean takedowns Sonnen secured made it difficult to score.

In round three, the fight clearly shifted towards Sonnen, as the Team Quest standout was able to successfully take Bisping down and control him on the ground.  Sonnen would eventually take the back of Bisping and transition into full mount.  Bisping was not deterred despite the heavy grappling onslaught of the former Olympic alternate in wrestling and even took him down late in the round.

After the bout all three judges awarded the contest to the No. 1 contender Sonnen (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) in a close affair.  In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Sonnen left the Chicago fans in style and told them how he’s the greatest fighter in the world today.

“When you’re the greatest fighter in the world today, they’ve got a name for you,” Sonnen said post-fight.  “They don’t call you a great fighter, they call you Chael Sonnen.”

Now with the close decision victory over Bisping, Sonnen moves his record to 27-11-1.  Sonnen’s win over the TUF 3 winner, has secured him the all-important rematch against the pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva in Silva’s backyard of Brazil.

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