UFC on Fox 2 Play-by-Play: Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller

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Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller

Round 1: The two measured each other for a while before Roller shot in for a takedown. Johnson stopped the takedown and the two returned to looking for strikes on the feet. Johnson continued to sprawl when Roller came in for takedowns, and circled him, picking punches while standing. Roller pressed forward and clinched with Johnson against the fence. Johnson looked a lot faster than Roller, dancing around his opponent. Johnson finished the round strong with a good flying knee, winning the opening frame 10-9.

Round 2: Johnson and Roller clinched in the first minute and Johnson landed a clean elbow in that position. Roller did well to use his right hand and land some punches before the two got into another clinch. Roller tried to tip up his opponent, but Johnson ended up in top position on the ground. Johnson worked from within guard for a bit, but Roller returned to the feet and landed a right hand. Roller pushed forward in the final minute of the round, but ate some punches as a result. Roller did better in the second, but Johnson still had the better performance, winning it 10-9.

Round 3: Johnson still looked light on the feet in the final round, but a Roller was able to get his hands on Johnson and obtain his back. Roller flattened Johnson out and started to pound away. Referee Herb Dean warned Roller to stop hitting the back of Johnson’s head. From there, Roller worked to get the rear naked choke, but Johnson did well to defend. Roller released his bodylock with his legs and Johnson turned around into his opponent’s guard. The two stood and Johnson began to strike, but a low blow put a pause to the action. The two traded punches into the end of the round. Roller won the round 10-9, but lost on MMAWeekly.com’s scorecard 29-28.

Official call is a unanimous decision win for Michael Johnson (29-28 x3).

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