UFC on Fox 2 Play-by-Play: Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby

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Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby

Round 1: Back and forth stand-up between the two fighters. Camozzi and Jacoby slugging back and forth looking for the big knockout strike. Camozzi slams a punch into Jacoby with just seconds remaining, staggering his opponent before the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores R1 10-9 Chris Camozzi

Round 2: Camozzi establishes his jab early on in the second round before being slowed down from a Jacoby kick right to the groin. Both fighters throwing strikes, but not putting together any solid combinations. Jacoby connects with a big right uppercut landing flush on Camozzi’s chin. Close round with neither fighter gaining a clear upper hand.
MMAWeekly scores R2 10-9 Dustin Jacoby

Round 3: Fighters exchanging again and Camozzi moves in and grabs for a front choke. Camozzi cinches up on the hold as Jacoby struggles to get free, but he’s forced to tap.

Chris Camozzi def. Dustin Jacoby by submission (front choke) at 1:08, R3

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