UFC on FOX 10: Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins

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Donald Cerrone vs. Adriano Martins

Round 1: They meet in the middle.  Martins misses with a right hand.  Cerrone pushes him away.  Martins delivers a kick to the body.  Cerrone briefly looks for a takedown.  He lands an outside leg kick.  They both miss with right hands.  Cerrone lands an outside leg kick.  Cerrone delivers another outside leg kick.  Martins just misses with a counter.  Martins moves in with a jab and left hand.  Cerrone continues to work the front leg of Martins.  Martins hasn’t started checking them yet.  He lands a counter left hand as Cerrone moved forward.  Cerrone secures a takedown, but Martins quickly scrambles to his feet.  Cerrone lands a front kick to the body.  He continues to batter Martins’ lead leg.  Cerrone delivers a right high kick that knocks Martins out.  He’s out before he hits the ground.  Cerrone doesn’t follow up with punches.  It’s all over.

The official time of the knockout was 4:40 of the first round.

Donald Cerrone       

“I’m back man. I want to be a world champion, so I said, let’s take him down and see what he’s got. Why not? I wanted to do what I do best. You got to see the old cowboy with a little bit of the new. My goal is to be a champion. A lot of fighters say they can’t get fights. I’ll fight anyone, anytime. I want to fight in Baltimore and Dallas. I’m making another run for the belt. I’m right here. I want to fight six times this year, I’m right here!

Adriano Martins

“I knew he would land a kick to my head, but I didn’t see his move. I expected a toe-to-toe fight, but he caught me with a kick, so nothing to discuss on his victory.  I just want to go home and check on what I did wrong tonight.”

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