UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer’s Playboy Hits Stands Feb 17

For the third time ever, a UFC Octagon girl will grace the cover of Playboy.

The UFC’s own Brittney Palmer posed for an 8-page pictorial shot by Steve Shaw that hits stands this Friday, Feb 17.

The pictorial will also be available via Playboy’s website.

Palmer took some time off from her duties as a UFC Octagon girl to focus on art school recently, but an out pouring of fan support drew her back to her old job.

She also explained her reasons for doing Playboy, where she joins current Octagon girl Arianny Celeste and former Octagon girl Rachelle Leah, as a fellow cover girl for the popular magazine.

“I take figure-drawing classes every day. Ninety-nine percent of the time there’s a nude model in your class – it’s beautiful and it’s art,” Palmer explained. “I really enjoy drawing nudes. I think women’s bodies are fantastic, and I work my ass off for my body. I have such appreciation for being in Playboy – it’s like being a model for an elite figure-drawing class.”

Palmer is currently on duty in Omaha, Neb for the UFC on Fuel show taking place Wednesday night, but Friday will be the day she officially becomes a Playboy covergirl.