UFC Looks to Land in Hawaii in 2012

October 27, 2011

Dana White

Hawaii has always been known as an area that not only loves fighting, but produces some of the best fighters in the world.

Now it appears the state’s long wait for a UFC event to land on their shores is almost over.

UFC President Dana White on Thursday confirmed that the promotion is in talks to take a show to Hawaii in 2012.

“Next year. We’re looking at next year,” White responded when asked about the UFC in Hawaii.

The UFC’s schedule hasn’t been set for next year yet, but Hawaii has always appeared on the radar for the organization once the state commission there instituted a set of rules similar to those held in other areas of the United States.

Now with those rules and sanctioning in place, the UFC has an open door to land in Hawaii.

As far as where the event could take place, that’s still under discussion, but Hawaii is known for having many arenas that are outdoors and White says the company could be ready to embrace that type of show.

“It’s probably going to be outside,” White stated.

Hawaiian fans will of course be happy to hear the UFC is finally headed to their state, but what about the most popular fighter to ever come out of the area ending up on the card?

While White doesn’t rule out the possibility of B.J. Penn ending up on the Hawaii card, much like other areas of the world, a hometown hero appearing on the hometown show doesn’t make or break them.

“I don’t know,” White answered when asked if BJ Penn would fight in Hawaii. “It’s like that Canada thing when everybody thought Georges (St-Pierre) had to be on the card. It’s great to have him, but it’s one of those markets we’ll kill it with or without him.”

The positive side however is that Hawaii is finally going to get a UFC show and it’s likely going to happen in 2012.

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