UFC London highlights: Molly McCann floors Luana Carolina with spinning elbow

English fighter Molly McCann was an instant addition not only to the UFC London highlights, but also to the all-time UFC highlight reel following her blistering knockout of Luana Carolina.

The end came less than two minutes into the third and final round, when McCann launched a spinning back elbow that connected flush. Carolina was instantly unconscious, landing snow angel style flat on her back on the Octagon floor.

McCann immediately leaped over the Octagon fence, taking a turn around the outside of the cage before dropping to the arena floor to hug UFC president Dana White.

As mentioned on the UFC Twitter account, McCann’s incredible spinning back elbow knockout is one that we are going to be watching on the highlight reel for years to come.

UFC London highlights: Molly McCann KOs her foe with an elbow

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