UFC in China is Happening This Year, Including The Ultimate Fighter

June 13, 2012

UFC and Chinese Flag (China)The UFC officially opened offices in Asia in August 2010 when they hired former NBA executive Mark Fischer to spearhead the efforts overseas.

It’s taken them a little time to lay the groundwork there, but it appears the promotion’s Chinese debut is just around the corner, and they’re going all-in.

“We’re going to do a fight in China. So imagine our first fight in China, we’re talking about doing it in conjunction with the Venetian out there,” said UFC president Dana White just a few short months ago. “Imagine the first fight in China; it’s going to be huge.”

White on Tuesday confirmed to MMAWeekly.com that the UFC will make its debut in China sooner than you might think, and that expansion there will take on much the same approach as elsewhere.

“We are going to China this year, that’s already happening,” said the UFC’s head honcho.

“We’re doing an Ultimate Fighter there too; that’s all gonna happen.”

White fell short of providing a date or other details for the UFC’s first event in China. It’s also premature for most of the details about the first TUF China, but the UFC is used to moving fast.

Once the dominoes start to fall, expect the promotion to go full steam ahead into the Chinese market.

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