UFC Gym Aims to Encourage Youth in Southern California

November 2, 2010

UFC Gym LogoThe UFC Gym in Rosemead, Calif., is doing its part to encourage the youth population in the greater Los Angeles area.

With the state of California in financial shambles, many areas of the state’s budget are experiencing cutbacks. Programs such as Physical Education are falling victim to the state’s budget cuts, but the UFC Gym is doing what they can to make up for the lack of state funding.

The Southern California fitness facility has implemented a program where over 300 children are participating in MMA training, fitness conditioning and teamwork. The program also creates opportunities where children can build confidence and character through assemblies, field trips, and free passes to the UFC Gym.

Potential for local youth to better their physical and mental health is greatly increased with the initiation of this unique system.

“This program is giving children from the community an opportunity to learn more than just martial arts,” said UFC Gym Senior Vice President Adam Sedlack. “They are training to become a martial artist, with the mentality, self-confidence, and discipline which accompany that training.”

The UFC Gym recently held a Yellow Belt Ceremony where 40 children participated in demonstrating the skills they learned in the MMA youth program. The demonstrations took place in front of family and friends, and showcased many areas of mixed martial arts, such as striking, groundwork and conditioning. Respect and discipline were also attributes that were made important in the demonstrations, which were aimed and improving not only the physical aspect of their lives, but classroom life as well.

The UFC holds the UFC Gym as it’s first major brand extension, and offers a full-range of group fitness classes, private MMA training, as well as personal and group training.

For those able to get to the facility themselves, the UFC Gym is located at 8920 Glendon Way, Rosemead, Calif.