UFC fighters prohibited from gambling on UFC fights

A New UFC policy revealed on Monday prevents its athletes, and their camps from gambling on the promotion’s bouts. Yahoo Sports first reported the news.

In a letter obtained by ESPN, UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell explained the new policy. The prohibition of athletes gambling on fights now falls under the UFC Athlete Code of Conduct.

“As the sport has grown over time, the overwhelming majority of states that regulate sports gambling have some prohibitions on inside betting activity,” Campbell told ESPN. “And this wasn’t something the UFC advanced independently. This was something the UFC set forth in response from governmental agencies, aware we are also subject to governmental regulation as we’re licensed promoters in virtually every state. It’s the natural evolution of the sport.”

“The UFC’s contracted athletes are not exempt from these prohibitions, which state legislators and regulators have implemented for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of our sport,” continued Campbell.

The policy also includes “training teams, family members and others that have access to ‘inside information’ relating to the athletes and their events.”

UFC fighters will still be able to maintain sponsorships from gambling websites and sportsbooks. Several UFC fighters are paid to give predictions on social media promoting a betting website. They’ll be able to continue to do that, and seek out other gambling industry sponsorships. But they will not be able to wager.

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