UFC Fighter Nick Hein in Demand to Discuss German Refugee Crisis

Nick Hein - courtesy of UFC

UFC fighter Nick Hein has recently become a hot property when it comes to discussing hundreds attacks and robberies that occurred in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve, as well as the country’s refugee policy.

Widespread discussion about the Dec. 31 attacks have been mixed with talk about an influx of asylum seeking refugees into Germany last year. More than 1 million refugees reportedly entered the country in 2015.

While the debate about the New Year’s Eve incidents and refugees rages on, Hein has become a go-to interview for CNN, RT News, and others due to his unique status as a former German Federal Police Officer, as well as his uniqueness as a UFC fighter.

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Particularly, as a former officer, Hein has a deep incite into dealing with the group accused of the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, and unlike his former colleagues on the force, he is able to more freely discuss the problem and the limitations placed upon officers in dealing with such incidents.

While Hein condemns the attackers and thieves that committed the crimes, many of whom are believed to be people seeking asylum in Germany, and believes there is an issue with the asylum process as it applies to the accused, he is also quick not to condemn refugees as a whole.

“When (refugees) need help, they should get help,” he said in a CNN interview.  “Give them an opportunity to be part of the society.”

Hein is currently 3-1 inside the Octagon. He most recently defeated Yusuke Kasuya at UFC Fight Night 75 in Japan last September.

Below is Hein’s recent interview with RT News…

(Video courtesy of RT News | Photo courtesy of UFC)

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