September 19, 2007

MMAWeekly LIVE in Las Vegas
MMAWeekly is on location at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada bringing you LIVE results of UFC Fight Night 11. The main event features a lightweight showdown between Kenny Florian and Din Thomas.

The non-televised preliminary bouts are scheduled to being at 3:45 p.m ET.

The main card also airs live on Spike TV on Wednesday, September 19 from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM (ET/PT), as the lead-in to the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter 6.

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Jonathan Goulet vs. Dustin Hazelett

Rd 1: Hazelett came out striking right away and was taken down by Goulet. Hazelett locked on an armbar from his guard and the Canadian fought to hold on but eventually he rolled over and with Hazelett on his belly, he extended the armbar and apparently heard Goulet scream in pain and he released the hold before the referee stepped in but Goulet did verbally submit and the fight ended.

Dustin Hazelett def. Jonathan Goulet by Verbal Submission
(armbar) at 1:14, Rd 1

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Thiago Alves

Rd 1: Slow first round with no action until about :30 seconds left to go. Alves dropped Hironaka with a right hand and he followed up with ground and pound and as he tried to finish the fight, Hironaka pulled guard and the round ended.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1: 10-9 for Thiago Alves

Rd 2: Both fighters start out slow again but eventually Alves lands a body kick, punch and knee that floors Hironaka. He stands back up and the fight continues but shortly after Alves lands another big punch followed by a knee to the head and referee Herb Dean stopped the fight.

Thiago Alves def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes) at 4:04, Rd 2

Gray Maynard vs. Joe Veres

Rd 1: Maynard hit Veres with a left hook almost immediately, dropping Veres to his back. Gray followed up with two big rights on the ground and the fight is over.

Gray Maynard def. Joe Veres by TKO (strikes on the ground) at :09 seconds, Rd 1

Leonard Garcia vs. Cole Miller

Rd 1: Cole started with a left/right combo that hurt his opponent. Garcia took the fight to the ground where Miller went for multiple submission attempts but Garcia escaped and reversed position where the round ended with Leonard on top hitting some ground and pound
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1: 10-9 for Cole Miller

Rd 2: Cole Miller took the fight to the ground early and worked Garcia with some ground and pound. Halfway through the round, Garcia gave up his back and Miller eventually went for an armbar, but Garcia escaped as the round ended.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 2: 10-9 for Cole Miller

Rd 3: Miller got dropped early in the round, but before Garcia could do any damage, Miller got back up. At that point, Miller locked on a standing guillotine but Garcia escaped. The round ended with Miller on top of Garcia working ground and pound.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 3: 10-9 for Cole Miller

Cole Miller def. Leonard Garcia by Unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Luke Cummo vs. Edilberto “Crocota” de Oliveira

Rd 1: For the first minute the fighters exchange stand-up. Cummo started landing big right hands and followed up with another on the ground and Herb Dean stops the fight.

Luke Cummo def. Edilberto de Oliveira by TKO (Ref’s stoppage due to strikes on the ground) at 1:45, Rd 1


Nate Quarry vs. Pete Sell

Rd 1: Sell and Quarry exchange punches throughout the round. Sell looks better in the clinch and manages a takedown in the round. As the round ends, Sell lands a series of jabs that stagger Quarry.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1: 10-9 for Pete Sell

Rd 2: Another round spent on the feet with Sell putting Quarry down early in the round but no finish. Quarry lands some nice leg kicks in the round but Sell hits the more effective punches.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 2: 10-9 for Pete Sell

Rd 3: Standing exchanges again as Sell looks for the homerun punch but while trading with Quarry he gets caught with a huge right punch to the jaw. Sell lands flat on the ground where Quarry follows up with another punch before referee Mario Yamasaki steps in to stop the fight.

Nate Quarry def. Pete Sell by TKO (referee’s stoppage due to strikes on the ground)at :44 seconds, Rd 3

Nate Diaz vs. Junior Assuncao

Rd 1: Much of the round spent on the ground with Diaz holding onto a kimura attempt with Assuncao defending. The fighters separate and Diaz catches a good punch and then locks in a guillotine choke to which Assuncao cannot counter and taps out.

Nate Diaz def. Junior Assuncao by Submission (guillotine choke) at 4:10, Rd 1

Chris Leben vs. Terry Martin

Rd 1: Leben lands nice punches and very good leg kicks throughout the round. Martin manages a couple of takedowns but does no real damage. During one clinch as Martin lifted Leben up to slam him, Leben grabbed the fence and referee Herb Dean took a point away. Leben closed out the round with some more solid stand-up as Martin was breathing heavily.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1: 10-9 for Terry Martin

Rd 2: Leben controls the stand-up as Martin just throws haymakers at his opponent. Martin does get a takedown but Leben moves positions and ends up locking on a triangle choke but the round ends.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 2: 10-9 for Chris Leben

Rd 3: Leben and Martin exchange blows as both fighters look very tired in the round. Martin lands a big right hand that puts Leben against the cage and instead of following up, Martin postures putting his hands in the air inviting Leben back in the fight. Leben responds with a big left hook that puts Martin on the canvas where he does not hesitate and finishes the Chicago native.

Chris Leben def. Terry Martin by KO at 3:56, Rd 3

Din Thomas vs. Kenny Florian

Rd 1: Florian works good leg kicks to start the fight and after a few exchanges, Kenny takes the fight to the ground but is kicked off soon after. Din shoots in and Florian sprawls and immediately Florian starts reigning down shots, works his hooks in and sinks in the rear naked choke causing the tap out.

Kenny Florian def. Din Thomas by Submission (rear naked choke) at 4:31, Rd 1