UFC Fight Night 40 Results: Matt Brown TKOs Erick Silva, Calls for Title Shot

Matt Brown vs Erick SilvaMatt Brown scored a technical knockout of Erick Silva in the third round of the main event at UFC Fight Night 40 on Saturday in Cincinnati.

Brown relentlessly pursued Silva, landing a number of strikes and earning the TKO at the 2:11 mark of the round.

“I just did what I do,” Brown said. “I didn’t even think it was that good of a fight. I didn’t feel my best tonight. It’s my first main event in my home state …  The pressure got to me a little bit, but once I started feeling the grove of the fight I start pulling things together.”

The intense fight began with Brown pressing forward with a head kick. Silva avoided damage and later landed a body kick that dropped Brown. Silva pursued to the ground and worked relentlessly to secure a rear-naked choke, but Brown escaped and returned to the feet where he landed a barrage of strikes and easily controlled the pace. He then took Silva down to finish out the round on the floor.

Brown continued his punishment of Silva in the second round, landing punches, elbows and knees. Silva countered with looping punches in moments, at one point landing a punch to the body that made Brown wince in pain. He recovered, however, and brought Silva to the floor where he secured mount, landed punches and attempted submissions. Silva escaped and worked into Brown’s guard in the last moments of the round.

Silva was unable to last against Brown’s attack on the feet, eating elbows and knees before being taken down again. With his opponent on his back, Brown landed punch after punch before Silva rolled over and covered his face, unable to further defend himself.

Following the announcement as the winner, Brown called to the crowd to help lobby for a title shot.

“Who do you want to see fight for a title next?” he said. “Right there’s the man to talk to. Tell him what you want,” Brown added, pointing at UFC President Dana White.

With the win in the main event, Brown is now tied for the second longest active winning streak in the UFC at seven.

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