UFC Fight Night 40 Play-by-Play: Soa Palelei vs. Ruan Potts

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Soa Palelei vs. Ruan Potts

Round 1: Palelei inches forward after the fighters touch gloves to start the round.  Potts misses with a left hand and Palelei changes levels and takes Potts down.  Potts applies a guillotine choke and uses it to reverse Palelei.  Palelei regains top position.  He lands right hands to the body.  Potts works for a triangle choke.  Palelei gets free.  Palelei works in side control.  He advances to the mount position.  He lands a short shot that knocks out Potts.  It was a short left hook.

The official time of the knockout was 2:20 of the opening round.

Palelei vs Potts Scorecard

Soa Palelei

“I was just really careful. He has good submission. I want to keep improving. I have a lot to learn, lot to iron out. That was, though, a Hulk smash win. A lot of my fights don’t go past the first round. I work well on the ground. I’m so grateful for a second chance in UFC.

“I think the hard work and my good coaches have helped. Relentless training is the key. I’ve been working hard and want to prove to everyone that I belong in the UFC.” 

Ruan Potts

“He went for the takedown. I sort of stuffed the takedown and then we went down to the ground. He got me against the cage and caught me with a good shot. That’s heavyweights for you.

“I will definitely come back stronger and better next time. I learned from this and will put on a better show for UFC fans next time I fight.”

UFC Fight Night 40 Live Results Home Page