UFC Fight Night 40 Play-by-Play: Manny Gamburyan vs. Nik Lentz

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Manny Gamburyan vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: They touch gloves and Gamburyan presses forward.  Lentz lands first with a right hand.  He moves in with a combination.  Lentz delivers a knee to the body.  They both miss with huge right hands.  Lentz initiates the clinch.  He delivers knees to the body and drags Gamburyan to the ground.  Lentz lands knees to the body and short left hands to the head.  Gamburyan gets to his feet but Lentz keeps the pressure on.  They exchange knees to the body.  Lentz lands a right hand to the groin.  Gamburyan is given time to recover and the fight is restarted.  Gamburyan inches forward.  He lands a left hand to the body followed by one to the head.  Lentz decides to try and get the fight to the ground.  He trips Gamburyan to the canvas and works to take his back.  Gamburyan gets to his feet and lands a knee to the body.  Lentz works for a takedown.  Gamburyan isolates an arm, but lets it go.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Lentz.

Round 2: Gamburyan pushing the pace.  He has some tape hanging from his glove and it’s cut off and the fight restarted.  Lentz moves in and Gamburyan lands a right and that stops Lentz in his tracks.  They exchange.  Lentz goes to the body with a right hand.  Gamburyan changes levels and secures a takedown in the middle of the cage.  Lentz gets to his feet.  He clinches and delivers knees to the body.  Gamburyan delivers elbows to the side of Lentz’ head as Lentz works for a takedown.  Lentz gets the takedown and works to take Gamburyan’s back.  He lands left hands.  Lentz lands knees to the body.  Lentz keeps the pressure on.  He has Gamburyan against the fence.  Gamburyan stands but is taken down again.  Gamburyan’s right eye is swollen.  Lentz delivers knees to the legs and body.  Gamburyan works his way to his feet.  Lentz delivers a knee to the head at the bell.  Gamburyan’s eye is nearly shut.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Lentz.

Round 3: Gamburyan eye is clearly bothering him.  He’s blinking it repeatedly.  Lentz lands a counter right hand.  He presses forward.  Gamburyan lands an uppercut.  Lentz presses him against the cage and takes him down.  Gamburyan isolates an arm and looks for a kimura.  Lentz rolls.  Gamburyan transitions looking for an arm bar.  Lentz escapes.  Gamburyan reverses Lentz and gains top position.  Gamburyan lands left hands to the body.  The referee stands them up.  Gamburyan presses forward.  He changes levels and takes Lentz down.  Lentz reverses him and lands elbows.  Gamburyan works to stand, but Lentz stays on him.  Gamburyan turns into Lentz and stands.  He lands elbows as Lentz works for a takedown.  The round ends.

The judges scored the fight for Lentz by unanimous decision.  All three scorecards read 30-27.

Lentz vs Gamburyan Scorecard

Nik Lentz

“The key to my victory was being well rounded and being able to take him out of his game. He didn’t think I had the power and the speed and the striking ability, and I surprised him. He wasn’t able to adjust.

“I want to get back in the gym and keep training. I want to get three more wins this year and then fight for the title in 2015.”

Manny Gamburyan

“It was a tough fight. I was expecting a tough fight. He caught me in the eye when we were in a clinch and that made it hard for me to see. But he fought well.”

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