UFC Fight Night 40 Play-by-Play: Neil Magny vs. Tim Means

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Neil Magny vs. Tim Means

Round 1: Magny lands first with an outside leg kick.  They exchange leg kicks.  Means inches forward.  He lands a left hand followed by an elbow.  Magny goes to the body with a kick.  Magny using lateral movement.  Means keeping the pressure on.  He moves in with a knee to the body.  They clinch.  Magny presses Means against the cage.  He lands an elbow and Means circles away.  Magny catches a kick and lands a counter right hand.  Magny secures a takedown.  Means quickly gets back to his feet.  Magny pumping his jab.  Means lands a spinning back fist.  Magny lands a kick to the body in response.  Magny rushes in and lands a left hand that knocks Means down.  Means gets to his feet.  He wasn’t hurt as much as caught off balance.  Magny presses Means against the cage.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Magny.

Round 2: Magny circles to his left.  He lands a leg kick.  They exchange jabs.  Magny moving a lot and making Means chase him.  Means steps in with an elbow.  Magny delivers a front kick to the body.  Magny lands his jab.  He’s using his reach advantage well.  Magny lands a kick to the body.  Means catches it and takes Magny down.  Means lands left hands.  He delivers a knee to the body.  Magny gets to his feet.  They work for position along the cage.  Means separates.  He lands a side kick to the body.  Magny ducks under a punch and takes Means down.  Means uses the cage to stand.  Magny keeps the pressure on.  They separate in the closing seconds.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Means.

Round 3: Magny lands a leg kick.  Means answers with one that knocks Magny off balance.  Magny tries to push off the cage with his foot as he throw a superman punch but misses with it.  Magny looks for a takedown.  Means lands a hard knee that may have hurt Magny.  Magny circles away.  He looks for a takedown.  Means applies a choke that forces Magny to drop to the canvas to defend it.  Magny gets back to his feet.  He presses Means against the fence and delivers knees to the body.  Magny secures a takedown.  He works from side control.  Means scrambles back to his feet.  Magny stays with him and looks for a takedown.  Magny takes Means down again.  He advances to the mount position.  Means rolls.  Magny has full back mount.  Magny lands short left hands.  Means works his way to half guard.  Magny lands right hands to the body.  Means battles back to his feet and takes Magny down at the bell. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Magny.

The judges scored the fight for Magny by unanimous decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27.

Magny vs Means Scorecard

Neil Magny

“I feel like the fight went well. It didn’t go according to plan. His range and his build were a little different, so I had to adjust during the fight.

“Having to adjust to a guy who is as long or longer than me was an adjustment for me. He’s a hard guy to find a training partner for, difficult to imitate.

“But I’m happy with the win. It just puts me in place to keep climbing.”

Tim Means

“I thought he was a big guy with a long reach. He ran a lot and didn’t want to fight. He caught me early and knocked me on my butt. He used his reach, but he ran a lot after that. I didn’t think we were in track and field.”

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