UFC Fight Night 40 Play-by-Play: Lorenz Larkin vs. Costa Philippou

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Lorenz Larkin vs. Costa Philippou

Round 1: Philippou takes the center of the cage.  He presses forward.  They both land left hands.  Philippou lands a left hand that staggers Larkin.  Larkin clinches and delivers a knee to the body.  Philippou moving forward.  Larkin lands an outside leg kick.  Philippou moves in with a left hand.  He presses Larkin against the cage.  Philippou works foot stomps.  He delivers knees to the legs of Larkin.  Larkin turns and separates.  Larkin lands an uppercut followed by a combination.  Larkin lands to the body with a kick.  Larkin lands a superman punch.  Philippou working in some kicks.  Larkin lands a leg kick.  Philippou counters with a right hand.  Larkin fires back.  Philippou closes the distance and lands a right hand.  They work for position along the cage.  They separate.  Philippou lands a heavy leg kick.  He moves in and lands a left hand.  He lands a right that drops Larkin.  Larkin was out before he hit the ground.  Philippou face-plants Larkin.

The official time of the knockout was 3:47 of the first round.

Larkin vs Philippou Scorecard

Costas Philippou

“It was a big win for me. It followed two very disappointing losses. Before my last fight I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep fighting and it showed. I looked awful. But the UFC called and gave me another shot. Thank you Lorenzo, thank you Dana. And I showed them what I could do and that I’m back. I feel great!”

Lorenz Larkin

“I got caught with something I didn’t see. Philippou did all the right things.”

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