UFC Fight Night 36 Play-by-Play: Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis

February 15, 2014

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04 Alcantara

Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: Reis throwing leg kicks early. ¬†Reis secures a takedown. ¬†He nearly takes Alcantara’s back, but Alcantara gains top position in the scramble. ¬†Alcantara postures up and lands a right hand. ¬†He drops back into Reis’ guard. ¬†Reis gets back to his feet. ¬†He presses Alcantara against the cage and lands knees to the legs. ¬†Alcantara gains top position. ¬†Reis reverses the position. ¬†He works in Alcantara’s half guard. ¬†The referee stands them up. ¬†Reis circles to his left. ¬†I’m not sure why the referee stood them up there. ¬†Alcantara lands a elft hand. ¬†Reis closes the distance and looks to get the fight to the ground. ¬†He disengages and lands a left hand. ¬†They separate. ¬†Reis rushes in and Alcantara catches him with a right hand that knocks Reis down. ¬†Reis scrambles back to his feet. ¬†They exchange and Alcantara landds a combination. ¬†Alcantara throws a knee and Reis takes him down. ¬†Alcantara gets to his feet and takes Reis down. ¬†The round ends. ¬†MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Alcantara.

Round 2: They touch gloves to start the second round.  They miss in the first exchange.  Alcantara lands a left hand that drops Reis.  Alcantara stands over him and lands shots.  Reis rolls.  They scramble.  Reis gains top position and mounts Alcantara.  Reis postures up and lands a right hand.  Reis delivers more punches.  Alcantara uses the cage to push away and reverse Reis.  He lands short hammer fists.  Alcantara lands left hands to the body.  Alcantara stands and lands a hard left hand.  Reis takes Alcantara down.  He lands a left hand.  Reis lands a series of left hands.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Alcantara.

Round 3: Alcantara takes the center of the cage.  Reis circles on the outside.  He steps in with a right hand.  Alcantara misses with a counter.  Alcantara lands a right hand.  Reis works for a takedown.  He gets it.  Reis peppers Alcantara with punches.  Alcantara tries to use the cage to stand.  Reis pulls him away from the fence.  Reis continues to land short shots.  He works the body and head of Alcantara.  Alcantara gets to his feet.  They work for position along the cage.  Alcantara lands knees to the body.  He trips Reis.  Alcantara postures up and lands punches.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Reis.

The judges scored the fight for Alcantara by split decision.  The scorecards read 28-29, 30-27 and 30-27.


Iuri Alcantara:
‚ÄúIt was a hard and even fight, It could have gone either way. He is an experienced guy. My strategy was to avoid his takedowns and I believe I did that very well in the third round. I was able to end on top. I‚Äôm aware I didn‚Äôt fight well today, but the plan is to get better and better.‚ÄĚ

Wilson Reis:
‚ÄúI could have pushed the striking more. I was knocked down twice. I should have ran after him more, he‚Äôs very dangerous standing up. I was feeling good, I was well trained, but I could have pushed it more.‚ÄĚ


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