UFC Fight Night 36 Play-by-Play: Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor

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Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor

Round 1: They exchange leg kicks to start the fight.  Proctor moves in with a right hand.  Marcello looks for a takedown.  Proctor looks for a guillotine choke.  Marcello defends the submission attempt.  Marcello gets the fight to the ground.  Proctor works for a guillotine choke.  Marcello pops his head out and lands right hands to the body.  Marcello stands.  He moves to the half guard position.  Proctor not allowing Marcello to pass the guard.  Marcello drops back down into Proctor’s guard.  Marcello isolates a leg and drops down for a foot lock.  Proctor’s face shows the pain.  Proctor gets free and back to his feet.  They touch gloves and get back to fighting.  Proctor moves forward with a right hand.  Marcello looks for a takedown.  Proctor again goes for a guillotine choke.  Marcello gets free.  MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Marcello.

Round 2: Proctor presses the action.  He lands a right hand to the body.  Marcello pumps his jab.  They exchange leg kicks.  Proctor lands a right hand.  Marcello is backing straight up with his chin in the air.  Proctor touches it with a left hand.  Marcello looks for a takedown, but Proctor shakes off the attempt.  Proctor continues to move forward.  Marcello works for a single leg takedown.  Proctor defends the attempt and pushes Marcello away.  They clinch and Marcello delivers a knee to the body.  Proctor lands a big right hand on the break that hurt Marcello.  Marcello circles away.  He lands a right hand.  Proctor answers with a right hand followed by an uppercut.  Proctor lands a straight right hand.  He lands a combination.  Proctor continues to set the pace.  The both miss with spinning attacks.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Proctor.

Round 3: Marcello takes the center of the cage.  Proctor lands a right hand.  He lands another that wobbles Marcello.  Marcello delivers a kick to the body followed by a left hand.  Proctor answers with a right hand. They exchange leg kicks.  Proctor landing his jab.  Marchello ducks under and looks for a leg.  Proctor pushes him to the side.  Marcello misses with a right hand.  Marcello lands a leg kick but Proctor catches it and pushes him to the canvas.  Marcello quickly gets to his feet.  Proctor rushes in with a combination.  Proctor lands again with his right hand.  He lands another that hurts Marcello.  Proctor lands another right hand.  Marcello is fatigued or hurt or both.  He looks up at the clock.  Proctor lands a counter right hand.  Proctor wobbles Marcello.  He moves in with a solid combination.  Proctor’s right hand continues to find its mark.  The round ends.  MMAWeekly scores it 10-9 for Proctor.

The judges scored the fight for Proctor by unanimous decision.  The scorecards read 29-28, 30-27 and 29-28.


Joe Proctor:
“I love Cristiano and I’ve loved him since the show. I knew he was tough, but I’m younger and wanted it more. We’re great friends and we’re going to be friends after. It was a hell of a war, I had a lot of fun.”

Cristiano Marcello:
“He’s tough and I knew it. I lived with him for three months on TUF. I dominated the fight in the first round, but he was able to counter my game in the last two and came out victorious.”



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