UFC Fight Night 33 Play-by-Play: Richie Vaculik vs. Justin Scoggins

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Richie Vaculik vs. Justin Scoggins

Richie Vaculik vs. Justin ScogginsRRichie Vaculik vs. Justin Scogginsound 1: The fighters touch gloves.  Vaculik lands a kick to the body.  Scoggins delivers a side kick to the body.  Vaculik moves forward and Scoggins takes him down.  Vaculik moves toward the cage.  Scoggins lands right hands to the body.  Vaculik uses the cage to stand.  Scoggins looks to get the fight back to the ground.  Vaculik pulls away but gets hit with a right hand and dropped as he does.  Scoggins follows him to the canvas.  He moves to half guard and lands punches to the body.  Vaculik works his way back to his feet but can’t shake Scoggins’ pressure.  Scoggins presses him against the cage and lands a crisp elbow on the inside.  He takes Vaculik down with just under two minutes remaining.  Scoggins advances to the mount position.  He postures up and lands a hammer fist.  Vaculik gets back to half guard.  Vaculik looks for an arm.  Scoggins takes his back and unleashes punches.  He flattens Vaculik out and pounds away.  The referee steps in to stop the fight.

The official time of the technical knockout was 4:43 of the first round.

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