UFC Fight Night 29 Play-by-Play: Erick Silva vs. Dong Hyun Kim

October 9, 2013

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Erick Silva vs. Dong Hyun Kim

Round 1: Kim shoots early, but Silva defends and lands a hard left hook, followed by a knee to the body. Kim again goes for the takedown, but can’t get it. Silva lands another knee to the body, but Kim finally clinches and presses him up against the fence. Silva slips out of the Korean’s grasp. Kim misses with a big punch, but Silva goes down after getting caught off balance. Kim quickly takes advantage, moving into full mount, driving elbows into Silva’s shoulders, and then scooting Silva’s head up against the cage. Silva starts to squirm his way out, and nearly secures one of Kim’s legs, but Kim is doing a good job maintaining control, outgrappling Silva for position. Kim is in Silva’s half guard, but in a mount type position, dropping hammerfists down. Silva ties up Kim’s leg, but they stalemate as the round concludes. MMAWeekly.com scores round one 10-9 for Kim.

Round 2: Kim moves in on Silva, but Silva answers with a solid punch combination, drives a knee to the body and then keeps firing, dropping Kim to the mat. Kim scrambles around Silva and brings the fight back to the feet, pressing Silva briefly against the fence. They separate, Kim starting to show some signs of fatigue, dropping his hands straight down at his sides for brie moments, while Silva is swinging for the fences, but not connecting. Kim keeps pressing forward, but Silva stings him with a jab and then lands another big punch that rocks Kim’s head back. Kim keeps coming, but Silva starts to land with punches and follows with a knee to the body, slips around behind Kim and drags him to the mat. They pop up and Silva is again landing uppercuts and knee to the body, but out of nowhere, the Stun Gun, Dong Hyun Kim scores the a huge left hand that puts Silva out on his feet, sending him freefalling to his back.

Dong Hyun Kim def. Erick Silva by KO (Punch) at 3:01, R2

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