UFC Fight Night 29 Play-by-Play: Alan Patrick vs. Garett Whiteley

October 9, 2013

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Alan Patrick vs. Garett Whiteley

Round 1: Patrick shoots in and drags Whiteley to the mat. Whiteley quickly regains his feet, they clinch briefly on the fence, and then separate. They start trading blows, Patrick landing a kick to Whiteley’s groin, which causes a break in the action. Patrick lands a spinning hook kick, grazing Whiteley’s face. They continue to trade punches, Patrick landing a punch followed by a spinning elbow. Whiteley looks like he’s trying to hang back and counter, but also seems a little confused by Patrick’s attacks. Whiteley blocks a takedown attempt and lands a knee to the face, but Patrick eats it, separates and then drops Whiteley with a left hand. He follows Whiteley to the mat, unloading punches until the referee stops the fight.

Alan Patrick def. Garett Whiteley by TKO (Strikes) at 3:45, R1

UFC Fight Night 29 Live Results Home Page