UFC Fight Night 26 Results: Travis Browne Mounts Monumental Comeback, Topples Alistair Overeem

August 17, 2013

11-Travis-Browne-TUF-17-Finale-w-478x270Alistair Overeem appeared to be seconds from finally taking a step in the right direction towards the UFC heavyweight title at UFC Fight Night 26 on Saturday night. Travis Browne, however, would not relent, and swiped victory from the jaws of defeat.

Overeem hurt brown early with a left hook to the body, but Browne soldiered on. Overeem was relentless, however, repeatedly driving his patented knees deep into Browne’s rib cage, dropping him to the mat.

Overeem stayed on him, hammering tattooing Browne’s face with punches.

But just when it seemed inevitable that the referee would have to stop the fight, Browne would make just enough progress to keep the fight going.

“He does throw knees like I’ve never felt before. I was there mentally in my head, but my body was shutting down. I just kept trying to get up and move,” Browne commented after the fight.

Overeem stayed on him, punching and kneeing, but as the seconds ticked away, so did Overeem’s gas tank, giving Browne just enough time to dig a little deeper.

Browne eventually recovered to the point that when Overeem came walking towards him, hands a little low, the Hawaiian launched a front snap kick to the chin, putting Overeem flat on his back.

Browne followed with a hammerfist and the fight was over, Browne taking a monumental leap forward in his career.

“This is just another goal in my career that I’ve achieved, taking out a top five guy,” said Browne. “I’m not done yet. I want to wear that strap. Cain (Velasquez), you’re the best in the world right now, but we’re all coming after that belt.”

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