UFC Fight Night 24 Play-by-Play: Waylon Lowe vs. Nik Lentz

Round 1: Lowe and Lentz start off gauging each other and Lowe lands a nice right hand.  Straight left by Lowe finds its mark.  The Seattle crowd is getting a little unsettled and that seems to fuel Lowe, as he’s starting to land precise counters every time Lentz comes in.  Lowe gets the takedown at about two minutes into the first, working from within Lentz’s guard.  A short while later, the two decide to stand.  Lentz tries to come close again and pays for it, opening up another takedown for Lowe.  Final minute of the round and Lowe can’t seem to get passed the guard of Lentz.  Lentz gets up briefly by another huge takedown by Lowe spells the end of the round.  The horn was delayed, but the round ended on time.

MMAWeekly.com scores that round 10-9 Lowe for the strong takedowns.

Round 2: More of the same from Lowe, countering every time Lentz moves forward.  Another big counter right by Lowe leads to the two of them clinching and a knee to Lentz’s mid-section.  Crowd loving these two as they trade shots back and forth.  Lowe gets another takedown and Lentz sits up with his back pressed against the cage.  Not much happening from this position as ref tells the two “action, gentlemen!”  The are stood up and Lowe is landing more and more counter shots.  Second round ends with Lentz getting Lowes back after a takedown attempt.  10-9 Lowe going into the third.

Round 3: The final round starts and Lentz has a cut on the cheek.  Nice left hand by Lowe as his opponent comes forward.  Lentz is eating a bunch of counter lefts and rights, but he has a lot of heart.  Lowe dips and Lentz gets the guillotine tightly.  Lowe has no choice but to tap out!

Official call: Nike Lentz def. Waylon Lowe via guillotine choke at 2:24 of round 3

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