UFC Fight Night 24 Play-by-Play: Sean McCorkle vs. Christian Morecraft

Round 1: Morecraft strikes first with a right low kick and clinches his opponent against the fence.  Morecraft working hard to get this fight down to the ground, but McCorkle gets him down first.  Working from the bottom, Morecraft attempts a kneeler.  McCorkle gets out, but Morecraft ends up in his guard.  Now from half guard, Morecraft landing some short elbows finding enough time to drop his mouth piece and put it back in.  Morecraft gets up and McCorkle is telling him to try and test him on the ground as he lies on his back.  Back Morecraft agrees, ending up in side control, landing elbows from there.  10-9 Morecraft.

Round 2: The two begin the second round trading shots briefly before clinching against the fence.  Morecraft lands some shots from close distance and it looks like McCorkle was rocked a little.  Morecraft gets his opponent down against the fence and works from top position, landing left hands from close.  Morecraft allows McCorkle to stand and the two get in a clinch.  Low blow by Morecraft and McCorkle is down and hurting.  McCorkle is sitting against the fence as he recovers and the crowd isn’t liking it.  After a few minutes, the fight continues and McCorkle is bloody in the face.  McCorkle dips in and gets caught in a standing guillotine.  He goes to sleep while standing and the ref finally steps in to put at stop at 4:10 of the second round.