UFC Fight Night 24: Hardy and Johnson Fighting Like They Are the Main Event

March 21, 2011

Anthony Johnson

This weekend when the UFC heads to Seattle for the latest installment of the UFC Fight Night series, the posters say that Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Phil Davis are the main event, but two fighters under them believe when the night is over, they will have stolen the show.

The welterweight co-main event pitting former title contender Dan Hardy against Anthony Johnson promises to be a slugfest with both fighters promising a stand-up war when they meet in the Octagon.

They both believe that whether they actually get the top spot or not, when Saturday night’s event is over, it’s Hardy vs. Johnson that everyone will be talking about.

“We want to keep it on the feet, give everybody what they want, what they paid their money for. In my opinion, that’s why we should be the main event, instead of the co-main event,” Johnson proclaimed on Monday. “Because we are the guys that are going to have the crowd on their feet and giving them what they want, and that’s standing and banging.”

Hardy admits that hearing Bruce Buffer calling his name for the main event is a pretty special feeling, but ultimately the fans are the ones who will tell the UFC what fight it is they want to see the most.

“I just like listening to Bruce (Buffer) say ‘in the main event’ at the top of his voice. That just gets me real excited. That’s the best thing for me,” Hardy said about being in the main event.

“Regardless of where you are on the card, the fans let you know the fight they want to see the most. I think the volume in the arena alone’s going to let everyone know what the main event was.”

The fight between Hardy and Johnson pits two of the hardest strikers in the welterweight division against one another. On paper the bout promises to be a battle where someone will end their night staring up at the lights.

Johnson doesn’t want to take anything away from current main eventers Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Phil Davis however, but he still thinks that his fight with Hardy is the one everyone is tuning in for.

“That’s what (the fans) are already saying and the fight hasn’t even started,” Johnson stated about their fight being considered the main event. “No disrespect to the guys on the main event, cause they are the main event, but the fans are really, really looking at this fight non-stop.

“Do we deserve it? We don’t deserve anything till it’s given to us or the fans say so. If the UFC says we’re co-main event status, we’ll take that, but we’ll fight like we’re the main event.”

Hardy and Johnson face off this weekend in Seattle at UFC Fight Night 24.

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