UFC Fight for the Troops 2: Mark Hominick TKOs Roop; Earns Shot at Aldo At UFC 129

January 22, 2011


Mark Hominick WEC 46Mark Hominick’s stand-up was sharp and precise at UFC Fight for the Troops 2, as he knocked out George Roop in the very first round of their fight, and earned a shot at Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 129 in Toronto.

Roop looked dazed after dealing with Hominick’s strikes on the feet, failing to answer anything the the Canadian fighter had for him. The ref stepped in just in time, calling the end of the bout at 1:28 of the opening round.

Roop started out the fight by utilzing his reach with both kicks and punches, but a right hand by Hominick changed the pace for good. The shot knocked Roop to the ground and Hominick smelled blood. After letting Roop back up on his feet, Hominick worked to pressure him and it ended up paying off in the end.

A looping left by Hominick landed square on Roop’s chin, putting the fighter down on the canvas for the last time. From there, a quick shot to the chin by Hominick was enough for the referee to step in and signal the stop to the fight. Roop argued the call a bit, but it was clear he was out, as he stumbled on his feet and had to be carried by the man who just beat him.

The stand-up was the key for Hominick at Fort Hood. He talked about it with Joe Rogan after the big win.

“I beleive my stand-up is far superior [to] anyone, and [you] just have to…prove it in the cage,” he said.

The win for Hominick solidified a shot at Jose Aldo’s UFC featherweight title. The champion seems unbeatable in the 145-pound weight class, but Hominick feels he has the edge against the Brazilian title holder.

“He’s never faced anyone like me and I’m going to prove it,” he said.

With Hominick being an excellent striker, a war with Jose Aldo will surely provide an entertaining night of fireworks for fight fans.