UFC Fight for the Troops: Five Finger Death Punch Praises U.S. Troops, Gives Back (video)

Zoltan Bathory - Five Finger Death PunchWhat does heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch have to do with mixed martial arts?

Well, guitarist and co-founder Zoltan Bathory is a lifelong martial artist and MMA fan. He not only trains in martial arts, but competes. He is also the co-founder of WarriorShip, a martial arts training themed cruise that will feature many notable names in the martial arts world, including MMA fighters, as instructors.

The band itself is comprised of several martial artists and has its own traveling dojo while they are on tour.

But even more than all of that, Bathory and his band are tremendous supporters of the military. Having grown up in a military family, Bathory has seen first-hand what the troops go through on an everyday basis. He has a special appreciation for the military, and he and the band do a lot to give back to the men and women that they have such high regard for.

With the UFC Fight for the Troops upon us, Bathory spoke with MMAWeekly.com about his reverence for members of the military and what the band does to give back the Armed Forces, including hiring vets, touring the Middle East where forces are deployed, and raising awareness for the issues surrounding troops coming home from war.

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