UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Play-by-Play: Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero

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Ronny Markes vs. Yoel Romero

Round 1: Markes and Romero immediately start trading kicks, neither landing anything stunning right away. Markes catches a Romero kick and takes him to the mat, but Romero quickly scrambles back to his feet. Romero then lands a big right hand, sending Markes staggering backwards. Romero slips, gets up and starts stalking Romero, looking to land his powerful punches again. He moves in again, but Markes clinches and trips Romero to the mat, landing in his half guard. Markes tries to secure a Kimura, but Romero uses it to escape and return the fight to standing. Romero begins plodding forward again in an almost hypnotic fashion. Romero throws a low kick to Markes’ ankle and then lands a left hand, but Markes returns fire with a solid kick to the body. MMAWeekly scores round one Romero.

Round 2: Romero opens with a hard kick to the body, lands a left hand and then drives the knee to the body. They move back into a rhythm, but Markes looks very uncomfortable, while Romero keeps up his methodical pace. Markes, showing almost no head movement, eats a couple left hands from Romero, tries to answer, but misses and then eats another Romero left hand. Romero goes low, to the ankle, and then lands a thunderous kick to the body that sends Markes backwards and eventually to the mat. Romero stands over him briefly, but eventually backs away for Markes to stand up. Markes launches a flying knee, misses, and then Romero lands a hard right and left to the body, and then a right hand to the face. Markes is throwing a lot of punches in return, but Romero is slipping them all, and then lands a couple hard rights that snap Markes’ head back. MMAWeekly scores round two 10-9 for Romero.

Round 3: Markes comes out aggressively, firing away, but it appears he got poked in the eye, forcing a brief stop in the action. Markes is firing again, but starting to look tired. And out of nowhere, Romero lands a overhand left that sends Markes to his back on the canvas. Romero hesitates, but so does the referee, so he follows Markes down and lands another blow or two before the referee waves the bout off.

Yoel Romero def. Ronny Markes by KO (Punch) at 1:39, R3

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