UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Play-by-Play: George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera

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George Roop vs. Francisco Rivera

Round 1: Roop goes high early, but Rivera is the first to land with any force, blistering Roop with a right-left combination, and then pressing him to the fence. Roop escapes the clinch, but Rivera lands another combination. He then goes for a guillotine, but Roop quickly escapes and ties up Rivera’s legs so that Rivera is sitting up, back against the cage, while Roop is on his feet. Roop is working for position, but as he makes a move, Rivera escapes to his feet, where they remain clinched on the fence, trading knees until the referee separates them. Roops shoots, but eats a huge overhand right from Rivera, countering with a knee to the chin. Roop is leaping in with his jab, but Rivera is landing solid combinations in a counter to the jab. Rivera stuffs a Roop takedown, and again lands the punch combination as Roop stands just before the end of the round. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Rivera.

Round 2: Roop nearly catches Rivera with a flying knee to open the round, goes low with a kick, but eats a hard counter overhand right. Roop returns fire with a stiff jab that snaps Rivera’s head back. He follows with a couple low kicks. Roop then misses with the jab and Rivera counters with an uppercut, hook combination before taking a kick to the groin, forcing a pause. Rivera again fights his way through a Roop jab and rocks him with puches. He keeps coming, connecting over and over with combinations. Roop tries to turn away and trips to the mat. Rivera lands a few shots before Roop regains his feet. He’s on wobbly legs, and Rivera unloads, sending Roop crashing back to the mat with a furious onslaught of punch combinations. The referee then steps in and stops the fight.

Francisco Rivera def. George Roop by TKO (Strikes) at 2:20, R2

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