UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Play-by-Play: Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler

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Dennis Bermudez vs. Steven Siler

Round 1: Bermudez quickly tries to get inside of Siler’s reach advantage, does, and takes Siler to the mat, landing in half guard. Siler regains his full guard and works his way to his feet, eating a few left hands to the face as he does so. Bermudez presses him to the fence, but lands a knee to the groin, causing a halt in the action. They restart, Siler immediately employing his jab, trying to keep his reach advantage intact. Bermudez lands a leg kick and shoots, but gets caught in a guillotine. Bermudez escapes and scores another takedown. Siler locks on a triangle choke, but Bermudez stands and slams Siler down to the mat, escaping the choke, immediately beginning a ground and pound attack. They get up, but Bermudez puts Siler back on the mat and secures an arm-in guillotine, Siler on his back, Bermudez arching up. Siler defends, turning Bermudez to his back and eventually slips out. They return to their feet. Siler goes for a guillotine in the waning moments, but Bermudez deftly avoids it and lands a few punches before the horn. MMAWeekly scores round one 10-9 for Bermudez.

Round 2: Bermudez launches a superman punch, attempts a follow-up kick and slips, but immediately regains his feet. Siler is still working his range, landing a straight right. Bermudez slips under Siler’s punches, scoops Siler up and plants him on the mat, landing in full guard. Bermudez tries to pass, but Siler uses the attempt to return to his feet, immediately pressing Bermudez to the fence. Bermudez, however, drops, shoots, and drives Siler to the canvas, again landing in his full guard. Siler ties Bermudez up, but Bermudez covers Silver nose and mouth with his left hand and punches Siler to the face with his right. Bermudez passes to half guard, Siler tries to sit up, but gets caught in a neck crank. Siler regains full guard and stands, but they clinch on the fence until the horn. MMAWeekly scores round two 10-9 for Bermudez.

Round 3: Bermudez opens with a thunderous right hand. Siler tries to get a guillotine, but Bermudez is immediately out and they’re back standing at the center of the Octagon. Bermudez hasn’t slowed throughout the fight, using lots of foot and head movement to negate much of Siler’s reach advantage. Siler lands a couple jabs and fends off a Bermudez takedown attempt. Bermudez slides off to the side, lands a leg kick, comes back with a head kick, and then steps off again, landing a hard hook to the body of Siler, who is starting to really show some wear and tear from the punishment. Siler tries to get his jab going again, but Bermudez shoots and drives him into the mat again. Siler maintains his full guard, but Bermudez just sits into the guard and lands some ground and pound. Siler employs a butterfly guard to get out and stand, but gets caught in a tight standing guillotine. Siler escapes the choke and lands a knee to the chin, but Bermudez unloads with a furious combination that snaps Siler’s head back as the round comes to a close. MMAWeekly scores round three 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Bermudez.

Dennis Bermudez def. Steven Siler by Unan Dec (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Live Results Home Page