UFC Fight For The Troops 3 Play-by-Play: Bobby Green vs. James Krause

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Bobby Green vs. James Krause

Round 1: Green opens with a couple leg kicks and a straight right, but then takes a front kick to the groin. Krause takes a second to regather himself, but is quickly ready to go again. Both men are aggressively trying to get their striking games going, but neither lands early. Both men are landing the occasional punch or kick, but each is using good movement to avoid the more damaging blows… until Krause takes another kick to the groin. This time, referee John McCarthy deducts a point from Green. And hardly any sooner do they begin fighting again than Green launches a kick to Krause’s midsection on the beltline, sending him doubling over and sprawling out on the mat. With most thinking it was a low blow, McCarthy stepped in and waved off the fight, declaring that it was a legal blow, and that Green won the fight. Krause, clutching his groin, thought it had been another low blow, but McCarthy saw things otherwise. The replay looked as if the kick may had grazed the top of Krause’s cup, but the decision was rendered.

Bobby Green def. James Krause by TKO (Kick) at 3:50, R1

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