UFC Fight For The Troops 2: Pat Barry Willing to Break Hands and Feet

January 15, 2011

Pat Barry is getting ready to fight a zombie. Well, not exactly. Actually, he’s stepping up to fight Joey Beltran at UFC Fight for the Troops 2 on Jan. 22.

Barry spoke recently with MMA Weekly Radio and used the undead analogy when talking about Beltran, describing his opponent as one that walks forward like the fictional characters from the classic horror films.

Pat Barry and Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic at UFC 115

Pat Barry and Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic at UFC 115

“He’s a living zombie,” Barry said. “Everything you throw is going to land on him, but he’s going to constantly walk forward and, eventually, you’re going to get too tired of hitting him in the face. And then, he’s going to catch you. Just like any movie zombie. Not the 2008, ’09 and ’10 zombies that run really fast, but the traditional Night of the Living Dead zombies that crawl towards you really slow. Yeah, he’s like those.”

Barry, coming off his loss to Croatia’s Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic, talked about his fight with Beltran and joked about how the match was fun idea before, but after breaking his hand and foot against the Croatian kickboxer, he sees hitting Beltran as something that might not be so enjoyable.

Apparently, breaking body parts was a lesson learned for Pat Barry.

“Before the Cro Cop fight, I would have thought absolutely, this could be a very fun fight,” Barry explained. “But then I realized that I’m capable of breaking my entire body trying to hit somebody. Then, I started thinking maybe this fight won’t be so fun.”

Against Cro Cop, Barry clearly held the advantage in the stand-up department for a majority of the fight, landing precise shots and knocking down the former Pride FC star twice. It’s not a far-off description to say he was trying to destroy Cro Cop’s head in the process. Unfortunately, the plan backfired.

Joey Beltran at UFC 119

Joey Beltran at UFC 119

“I just tried to make his head explode and it just didn’t work,” said Barry. “My hand gave out before his face did”

Looking ahead to his UFC Fight for the Troops bout, Barry has more clarity on how he is suppose to approach an opponent. He sees Joey Beltran as one who can take a decent amount of punishment, and utilizing the same strategy against him that Barry did against his last opponent may yield similar results from a physical aspect.

Part of the job, though. You have to do what you have to do.

“If I’m going to break my hand on Cro Cop’s face, then both of my hands are going to come off in that match,” Barry said. “They’ve got to. There is no way I can punch him in the head and not break both of my hands and feet.”

Expect another stand-up onslaught from Pat “HD” Barry come Jan. 22. He and Joey Beltran will duke it out for the U.S. armed forces in Fort Hood, Texas, on that night. If Beltran truly is the zombie Barry says he is, it’s safe to say that this fight will be as entertaining as AMC’s The Walking Dead.