UFC Featured on FOX News Channel

The UFC once hired Carmen Elektra and former Playboy model Lisa Dergan (above) to have people take notice. Now the UFC has gained in popularity and the Fox News Channel plans on talking about it Sunday.

How popular has the UFC become? Any time you head to events you may see Shaquille O’Neal, Pam Anderson, Donald Trump or Cindy Crawford. Everywhere and anywhere the world famed Octagon goes, stars now follow.

Fox News Channel has picked up on the story and they plan on talking about this weekend. The Fox News Channel will focus on the UFC’s surge into the mainstream and all the celebrity attention that UFC events now garner.

Mike Straka is a reporter, for the Fox News Channel and he has filmed plenty of interviews with not only celebrities but UFC fighters and the UFC staff for the piece.

The show is scheduled to air on Sunday, July 3 at 11 pm Eastern on Fox News. Check your local listings for times in your area.