UFC Champion Jon Jones to Appear on BET’s The Mo’Nique Show

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ media tour since his win at UFC 128 will next take him to BET and the Mo’Nique show.

Jones will fly out to film the show on Wednesday and the segment will air later in the week.

The UFC’s reigning light heavyweight champion will also appear with comedian Eddie Griffin and rapper Chingy on the show.

Jones’ manager Malki Kawa of Authentic Sports Management believe this is a great next step for the champion as he believes he will soon become the next crossover star in MMA.

“He’s doing the Mo’Nique show tomorrow. He’s taping the show tomorrow and the Mo’Nique show, shows on BET. It’s a primarily female audience and it’s on BET, which means it’s very good because hopefully now we can cross that market and a female market on top of it over to the UFC and hopefully Jon’s that guy,” Kawa said.

“I’ve always told you I think Jon Jones will be the first crossover star. Bigger than Georges St-Pierre, bigger than anyone’s ever been, I think he can merge the world of urban pop culture, of corporate America, the UFC fan base, and I think he can tie it all together.”

Jones appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno just after winning the UFC light heavyweight title, and will likely be doing more talk shows over the coming weeks.

The Mo’Nique show airs on BET at 11pm ET Monday through Friday.

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