UFC Champion Frankie Edgar Visits the USS Intrepid on Wednesday

January 19, 2011

Frankie Edgar on the USS Intrepid

Frankie Edgar on the USS Intrepid (photo courtesy of Spike TV)

Frankie Edgar may be the UFC lightweight champion and the best 155lb fighter in the world, but he’s the picture of humility as he speaks with members of the U.S. military during his travels to speak with the troops.

Just a few months ago, Edgar along with Rashad Evans and several other fighters visited troops at Walter Reed Hospital, and on Wednesday the New Jersey native made the trip out to the USS Intrepid to speak to the troops and talk about the upcoming UFC Fight for the Troops show in Texas.

Edgar says he takes every opportunity he can to speak to the members of the military, and he’s honored every time he gets to do it.

“It’s great being in the position that I am being a champion in the best organization in MMA, and I just like that they’re out to help our soldiers and some of the sponsors like MicroTech I work with, they work closely with the military. So being in the position that I am, I’m grateful to help out the little bit that I can,” said Edgar when speaking to MMAWeekly.com

“Our soldiers do so much for us, and they get little in return.”

The UFC’s reigning lightweight champion has also learned a lot visiting the injured troops in hospitals, because their fighting spirit wasn’t taken away even after losing limbs in battle. He believes it’s the greatest inspiration of all to see the troops march on no matter what.

“When I went over to Walter Reed Hospital down in the D.C. area, seeing some of our wounded warriors, it was touching,” Edgar said. “These guys weren’t broken by any means. Just to see the fighting spirit in them it definitely gives them motivation to have that no quit in you.”

One of the most humbling experiences according to so many fighters who spend time with the troops is how they look up to the UFC stars as role models and heroes. Edgar believes it’s the fighters who should be looking up to them, but he’s happy to do whatever he can to support them.

“You see the love you get from them and it is awkward. We really should be giving them all the praise,” Edgar commented.

Edgar made the trip to the USS Intrepid in New York City on Wednesday, and plans on doing more visits with the troops in the future as well.

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