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Hardcore fans knew Matt Serra from his eight fights in the UFC before he participated as a contestant and won ‘The Ultimate Fighter 4.’ Those who didn’t know who he was before the Spike TV reality show definitely knew who he was after he dismantled Georges St. Pierre for the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Title at UFC 69 in Houston, Tex. on April 7th.


Moments after losing his belt by TKO to Matt Serra, Georges St. Pierre said he had no excuses, but some recent statements to the media sure sounded like excuses, especially to Matt Serra. Serra responded to St. Pierre’s comments to MMAWeekly Radio in classic Matt Serra fashion, straightforward and brutally honest.


“The thing is this man, I was cool with Georges before the fight, and I thought I was cool with him afterwards. I mean he was respectful right afterwards and it looked like he was shooting from the hip when he was saying, ‘I got beat. It happens. I take my hat off to the guy.’ He did the right thing and this is MMA. It happens and whatnot. You know? Move on,” said the welterweight champ. “Then fast-forward four or five weeks later and he starts coming up with all this B.S. He wasn’t in shape. He wouldn’t have took the fight if it was Matt Hughes, but since it’s me, you know, he figured he’d beat me easy. How do I not get insulted by that?”


In rebuttal to St. Pierre’s comments, Serra said, “First of all, if he’s not in shape, I can understand if he gassed out and I beat him in the fourth round or fifth round. Its three minutes and change bro. I mean enough is enough. And the way they were building him up to be a God he should have been able to jump out of the audience and beat my a**. I’m just defending myself here man. I’m more like, hey, I thought we were cool. You did the right thing after the fight. Now all of a sudden you mow it up with whatever a**holes are around you saying lets put a spin on this because you can’t get beat, you’re a hybrid mixed martial arts God. Stuff happens. It was my night. Just don’t make excuses about it bro. I mean, I don’t think I’m off base. I always liked the guy. You know? I think he should really stick to his guns and not be influenced by whoever’s pulling the f#%king strings on this puppet.”


Obviously angry, Serra continued, “Think about what he said. If it was Matt Hughes I would have not took the fight, but since it was Matt Serra, I figure I could beat him easy. Hey dude, f#%k you. How about that? I thought we were cool and then you start saying stuff like this. And then what? You think you’re going back to New York to train at Renzo’s [Gracie]? I don’t think so bro. Cancel that plane ticket. We’ll see if that’s going down. You know what I mean? You know what that’s like? Renzo’s, that’s where I grew up, over at Renzo’s. That’s like me going over to somebody’s house and saying, you know what? Your wife cooks like s**t, your house is a mess, and by the way, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. Don’t be disrespecting me and thinking you’re coming back to my house. ‘Maybe I will challenge myself. I will try to submit him.’ Hey dude, you’re full of s**t. You’re not even training are you Frenchy? You know what I mean? Drink your red wine, go to your hockey game, and shut the f#%k up.”


Matt Serra pulled no punches when it came to the subject of Georges St. Pierre, but he wasn’t just angry, he was disappointed. He stated, “Believe me dude, I always liked the guy. You know? I don’t want to be kicking a guy after he lost his belt, but hey man, I just react to what has been said. I didn’t start this. After I beat him and me and Joe Rogan are in the octagon going over the fight on replay with me on top beating him up, you don’t hear me say anything bad about him. You hear me saying he’s going to be the future of the sport because of all the potential he has and what he’s accomplished already. I would have never spoke bad about the guy especially after I beat him. That’s not my way, but how can I not be insulted by that? I mean you’ve got to be kidding me dude. I am a fighter. You know? I mean I’m a nice guy, but don’t mistake that for weakness. I liked him. I’m not going to say I like him now because I’m very annoyed at the guy. I liked Georges, you know, but he’s got to be retarded if he thinks I’m not going to take offense to the stuff he said.”


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CLICK HERE FOR A FREE MATT SERRA AUDIO CLIP        (warning: strong language)