UFC champ Francis Ngannou and champion boxer Tyson Fury butt heads

It’s not uncommon to see mixed martial artists and boxers jawwing on social media, especially ever since Conor McGregor successfully conjured his pro boxing debut opposite Floyd Mayweather to the tune of roughly $100 million. Now, newly minted UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou and world champion boxer Tyson Fury are going after each other.

Fury, who has held every boxing heavyweight championship worth mentioning, is currently slated for a blockbuster bout opposite Anthony Joshua. That didn’t stop him from taunting Ngannou, who was a recent guest on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson recently.

“Mike Tyson, after I smash Anthony Joshua, I’ll roast this guy also,” Fury threw out on Twitter, calling Ngannou “easy work.”

Ngannou, of course, couldn’t let that comment float without a response, answering with a photo of Fury’s face bloodied after his fight with Otto Wallin, adding, “If this guy did this to you, what do you think I would do?”

Though Fury has toyed with a idea of competing in mixed martial arts, he’s never pulled the trigger. Ngannou initially wanted to pursue a career in professional boxing, but his trainer saw greater potential for him in MMA, and now he is the UFC heavyweight champion of the world. He’s also known as one of the best and hardest hitting UFC heavyweights.

Do you think we’ll ever see a Francis Ngannou vs. Tyson Fury bout either in boxing or MMA? Who would win?

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Francis Ngannou trading tips and talking with Mike Tyson

Go behind the scenes with Francis Ngannou, as he makes his second trip to the Tyson Ranch. Besides the interview, Ngannou shows some footage of him getting some boxing tips of Tyson, as if UFC heavyweights want him to get any better with his powerful punches!

(Video courtesy of Francis Ngannou)