UFC Announces Scotland To Receive UFC Fight Night Show In May 2011

December 9, 2010

The UFC is coming to Scotland.

The word from UFC president Dana White is the promotion will be coming there in May 2011 for an event that will likely be a UFC Fight Night show.

Scottish fans have sought after White at virtually every fan event for the UFC to bring a show to their part of the world, and it looks like it finally worked.

It’s likely that Glasgow or Edinburgh, Scotland’s two largest cities, would be the most viable candidates for UFC show when the promotion hits their shores.

It’s unclear which arenas would vie for the UFC’s inaugural show in Scotland, but the fans in the area can finally rejoice that the world’s biggest MMA promotion is on its way there.

Scheduling for 2011 has now stretched out to shows as far as May with the Scotland announcement, with several international shows already planned for areas like Australia and Abu Dhabi, and in North America with Toronto. Expect more international plans to hit the landscape with the UFC planning return trips to England and Ireland in 2011 as well.