UFC Adding Strawweight Division (115lbs) But No Timeline for The Debut

January 29, 2013

Dana White at UFC 144The UFC will be adding yet another new weight class in the future as the strawweights (115lbs) get their shot in the Octagon.

Now the timing of when that will happen remains a mystery, but UFC President Dana White confirmed when speaking to UFC Tonight on Tuesday that they are planning to add the additional division at some point down the road.

“As the sport continues to grow and we go into these other markets like Latin America, Asia, yes, we will eventually open up a lighter weight division. Which is a great thing. It’s an amazing opportunity for fighters all over the world,” said White.

The UFC just recently added the flyweight division (125lbs) in 2012, and crowned a champion in the weight class last September.

It appears as the UFC continues to expand, so will their weight classes and the 115lb fighters are next up.

“I don’t know how soon it’s going to happen, but yes it will eventually happen,” White stated.

Most of the top fighters currently competing in or around 115lbs are fighting in Japan, as well as competitors like Rambaa Somdet who hails from Thailand.

The UFC President has mentioned previously heading to Mexico as well to scout for talent at 115lbs, but there is no timeline on when the strawweights will debut in the promotion.