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DUBLIN, Ireland – MMAWeekly.com is on location from the O2 Arena in Dublin, Ireland for UFC 93 providing live results and play-by-play of the entire fight card.

Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson face off in the main event to decide who will coach The Ultimate Fighter season 9 opposite Michael Bisping. Both are former champions as middleweights and have had success in the light heavyweight division. This bout takes place at light heavyweight, but the winner will be stepping back to the 185-pound division and fighting Bisping at the conclusion of The Ultimate Fighter 9.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Mark Coleman returns to the Octagon for the first time in a decade, and will make his debut as a light heavyweight. He rematches a man that he has beaten before – albeit in controversial fashion – in Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Returning from knee surgery, Rua looks to get back to his previous form. Before losing in his UFC debut to Forrest Griffin, Rua was widely considered the No. 1 ranked 205-pound fighter in the world.

Denis Kang makes his UFC debut against Alan Belcher while Chris Lytle vs. Marcus Davis promises to deliver Fight of the Night performances.

The first preliminary bout is scheduled to begin at approximately 1:15pm EST/10:15am PT. UFC 93 airs on pay-per-view in the U.S. at 3pm EST/Noon PT.

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-Rich Franklin vs. Dan Henderson

R1 – The fighters touch gloves and Henderson opens with a low left. Franklin responds with a middle kick and Henderson throws a heavy overhand right that drops Franklin. He follows up by landing in Franklin’s half guard. Franklin turns to the side and Henderson throws some short, hard elbows. Franklin gets to his knees and Henderson sits to his side throwing punches on him. Franklin escapes and they stand up and face each other. Franklin is working the kicks, but he is eating punches for it. Franklin barely connects with a superman punch. But a low kick, jab combination finds its target. Franklin has a cut on his head and the round ends as he throws left middle kicks with blood pouring down his face. It is clear in the break that Franklin has 2 big cuts on his forehead.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Henderson

R2 – After initially struggling to get their range, they exchange low kicks and punches. Henderson throws a sidekick to the midriff of his opponent. Franklin clinches and throws a knee. Henderson is throwing punches wild, but finding his range better than Franklin who has the reach advantage. They clinch on the fence and Henderson instigates a takedown, landing in Henderson’s open guard. Henderson is able to throw short but heavy shots down. As Franklin turns to his side, Henderson is clearly frustrating him, and working those cuts open. With 10 seconds to go, Henderson tries a last ditch effort to do as much damage as possible.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Henderson.

R3 – Franklin is looking the most aggressive he has in this fight, coming out with anger and throwing big punches. Henderson clinches and takes him down, working into his half guard. Franklin stands up, and sit to the side, trapping his turtled opponent’s arm. They stand up, still clinched on the fence and finally separate. Both men take the centre of the Octagon, looking for the right opportunity to commit. Franklin the aggressor, now using his range more. They clinch on the fence, with Franklin throwing a knee and stomping on his opponent’s foot. A right high kick from Dan Henderson causes him to slip. He takes a few punches on his knees before getting to his feet. An accidental eye poke by Henderson halts the fight. Franklin’s eye is very red and look sore, but he agrees to finish the fight. Henderson apologises. They shake hands and re-start. Henderson lands a nice overhand right that rocks Franklin and on the final bell sinks in a sharp uppercut. Franklin raises his hands as if to predict his victory.
MMA Weekly scores the bout 10-9 Henderson

Official result is that Henderson wins by split decision and Henderson is now the coach who will face Michael Bisping, in the UK vs USA series of The Ultimate Fighter.

-Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Mark Coleman

R1 – Coleman looks to engage and eats a hard knee. He clinches and takes Rua down on the fence. Rua attempts a leg lock and te two stand up again. Coleman again eats a knee from a thai clinch. They go to the ground and Rua looks for a triangle. Coleman escpes. The fight ends up with Rua in side control on the fence and the crowd begin to cheer for Rua. Coleman turns his feet to the fence but does not push off it. Rua gets a knee on the chest and the two stand up and begin to trade. Coleman throws a long left and again eats a knee. Rua takes Coleman’s back and Coleman fights out oout of it. A right hook drops Coleman but he scrambles for a leg. Him and Rua exchange heavy single punches. Rua clinches and throws two knees and the round ends.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-8 Rua

R2 – Rua misses a low kick. Coleman is looking slow. He clinches and goes for a big takedown, pressing Rua against the fence. Coleman’s hands are low. Rua instigates a take down and Coleman wrestles him over. They stand and after a couple of knees, Coleman bloodies Rua with big but slow punches. Both are now tired. Both have their hands low and now the crowd chants for Coleman. Each are now throwing long punches. Coleman catches a knee and drops into Rua’s open guard. Rua is able to stand up from it but eats a shot on the way that has him stumbling. Coleman takes him down and Rua attempts an omoplata. Coleman refuses to tap as he eats punches from this position. Coleman lasts the final 10 seconds.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Rua

R3 – Both stand and face each other. Finally Rua attempts to clinch and knee, but he is tired and Coleman is blocking well. Coleman goes for a takedown on the fence and ends up in Rua’s open half guard. He moves into Rua’s spider guard and back into a weak and open half guard. The crowd cheer as Coleman drops short elbows onto Rua. Rua finally looks for a heel hook, leaving Coleman grabbing the fence. He rolls out of it and takes Rua’s back. Coleman punches down onto both sides of his opponent’s head. Rua tries to roll out clinching Coleman from the knees. He throws a knee to Coleman illegally as his knees are still on the ground. As the fight starts again, Rua lands a massive uppercut which knocks out Coleman. Coleman scrambles to grab a leg but it is too late and the referee has stopped the fight. Coleman protests and the crowd show they are not happy with the result. Rua wins by TKO at 4.36 R3 In the post fight interviews, both fighters show their respect to each other despite the hype and bad blood in the lead up to it.

-Rousimar Palhares vs. Jeremy Horn

R1 – Both men are careful and take their time to engage. Palhares clinches and drops into open guard before narrowly missing an upkick. Horn rolls over and ends up turtled. Palhares cannot get a hook in but he throws strikes to Horn’s head. Horn turns into him and back again, before finally settling on his back, bringing Palhares into his closed guard. Horn struggles to hold Palhares close and chooses to push him off, narrowly missing an ankle lock in the process. They stand up, clinched on the fence and Palhares takes Horn to the ground again, turtled up, receiving unanswered blows and just covering his head. Palhares looks for knee bar but Horn defends well. An awkward scramble leaves Palhares beating down on a defensive, turtled Horn at the 10 second marker.
MMA Weekly scores the fight 10-9 Palhares.

R2 – The two exchange solid punches and Palhares lands a huge slam on Horn. Horn winds up turtled on his knees, defending punches with Palhares on his back. Horn tries to stand out out of it and in the effort, Palhares winds up on his back with Horn in full mount attempting a head and arm choke. This is the first time we have really seen Palhares in trouble but he looks calm. He powers out and the two fighters stand. Single punches are thrown, both men looking tired. They clinch and Horn breaks off to throw a right high kick that Palhares ducks under before shooting for a takedown. Horn goes for a triangle, switching to an arm bar, leaving Palhares in half guard in top position.
MMA Weekly scores the fight 10-9 Palhares.

R3 – Horn opens with an overhand right that he misses. Palhares takes his back, picking him up to score a huge suplex. With both fighters ending on their knees, Palhares takes a head and arm as Horn holds onto his leg. Horn closes guard on Palhares who leaves an arm in. A sloppy triangle attempt leaves Palhares in Horn’s guard with relatively little activity. Horn ties Palhares up but the referee stands them both up for inactivity. Horn controls the space, throwing a left high kick before slipping onto his knees and finally pulling guard. The round ends with relatively little activity.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Palhares.
Palhares wins by unanimous decision.

-Denis Kang vs. Alan Belcher

R1 – Kang stands, bent over as Belcher bounces . Kangs come sin and opens with a pair of jabs. The exchange and Kang shoots for a nice takes, landing in Belcher’s guard. Kang moves to half guard and Belcher slips out. Kang returns to Belcher’s closed guard to throw elbows and punches down. Belcher pushes Kang off with his feet, sending him literally flying to a standing position. Another exchange has Kang in control. He again shoots for a takedown and lands in Belcher’s guard. Again Belcher pushes him through the air, leaving Kang standing over him. Kang comes in and ends up nearly in an arm bar. Kang escapes and attempts a gator roll/anaconda choke. They scramble out and Kang takes top position in side control. Belcher looks frustrated as the round ends.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Kang

R2 – Belcher controls the centre of the cage with Kang on the fence, dancing left and right. He clinchesKang who reverses the position. The two swiftly return to the centre and Kang is unlucky that 3 crisp strikes don’t connect fully. and he eats one himself. Kang shoots again into Belcher’s guard. Kang moves into the open guard and then settles into half guard with Belcher on his side. Kang takes a a head and arm, looking for the choke before standing out of it. Finally he returns to guard and the fight is stood up. Both men circle, both looking confident. Belcher tries to use his range, with long kicks that barely connect. The crowd boo as neither engage. Finally Kang shoots again only to have his head and arm caught. He quickly taps out.
Belcher wins via tapout, 4:36 of round 2

-Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle

R1 – Lytle lands a big cross on Davis and puts him on his back foot agains thte fence. They clinch and dirty box before separating. Lytle is looking the aggressor, landing his punches cleanly and forcing Davis to punch on his back foot. Lytle works a couple of overhand rights before rushing into Davis and paying for it. Lytle begins to look too keen to engage and is taking shots he shouldn’t be, returning with low kicks. Davis catches a liver kick twice and fires a cross back. A third liver kick lands cleanly on Lytles. Finally Lytle manages to hit a clean shot but is dropped but Davis. He scrambles up again and they dirty box once more. Lytle still working the overhand right, heands getting dangerously close. Davis tries for a high kick onto Lytle’s guard and the two exchange punches before Lytle lands a hard right kick to Davis’ body. The round ends with both fighters giving each other a short flurry of punches.

R2 – Davis is looking light on his feet, dancing around and Lytlecontrols the centre of the cage. Lytle opens up on Davis swinging off the fence, causing Davis to run around the cage to escape. Again Lytle, keen to engage eats a punch that drops him through careless engaging. They clinch and dirty box again, Lytle looking tired, throwing punches on Davis on the fence. Davis lands a flying knee and a liver kick. Lytle still throwing long, looping punches whilst Davis is throwing crisper straighter punches. Davis has blood running down his neck and the two remain circling the centre of the octagon mixing punches and low and middle kicks. A flying knee from Davis connects and Lytle forces him on to the fence. Davis attempts an Anderson Silva/Frylkand-style back elbow, which connects.

R3 – The two hug at the start of the round and after separating, Lytle walks onto a knee to the body. Davis catches a liver kick from Lytle, who controls the middle of the Octagon, whilst Davis side-steps on the fence. A couple of hard strikes and the two high-five before returning to the action. An overhand left, overhand right from Lytle just misses. The two exchange middle kicks and take the centre of the cage. Davis throws a left middle kick, then an inside leg kick combination. He is cut on the right eyebrow. A nice body shot from Lytle lands. Again he forces Davis on to the cage with a series of punches. Lytle’s left eye is closing. In the last 20 seconds the two throw middle kicks and Lytle walks onto another big knee to the head before returning with an overhand right that connects and the fight ends, both men bruised and swollen.
Marcus Davis wins by split decision.

-Tom Egan vs. John Hathaway

The crowd boos Hathaway, and roars when Egan, the Irish fighter, enters the ring.

R1 – Hathaway opens with a jab and a low kick before instigating a clinch and a side slam. He takes side control and as egan fights out Hathaway takes his back before moving back to side. Egan looks in trouble as Hathaway goes for a single leg, throwing down punches. Egan escapes and tries to get up again and once again Hathaway takes a single. Hathaway throws big punches having postured up. Hathaway clinches, throws a knee and takes to the side of a turtled Egan, throwing in a few punches. He takes Egans back on the fence, possibly looking for a suplex, but a desperate Egan turns back and pulls guard. John sits up in Egan’s open guard throwing punches down before standing up to do the same. Hathaway takes a desperate Egan’s back and rains down punches and elbows to the side of Egan’s head before the referee stops the fight at 4:36 of round 1.

-Martin Kampmann vs. Alexandre Barros

R1 – Kampmann is looking fired up whilst Barros appears calm. They circle with Barros opening with an inside low kick from distance. Another inside low kick catches Kampmann in the groin and he crumbles, leaving the fight stopped temporarily. After a long delay, Kampmann walks it off and the fight restarts. Kampmann throws 2 crosses and a left middle kick. Both fighters are hesitant to engage. A 1-2 combination followed by a knee from Kampmann has Barros clinching his opponent on the fence. Kampmann pulls guard with a guillotine choke with arm in. Eventually Barros pulls out and the two circle, clinched on the fence, Kampmann throwing in short knees. Each has an underhook and Barros wrestles Kampmann to the floor, landing in top position in half guard. Barros looks to push on the knee to escape and the referee stands the fighters up. Kampmann comes forward, but eats a punch on Barros’ retreat. Kampmann throws a right high followed by punches Barros lands on his back as the round ends.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-8 to Kampmann

R2 – Kampmann is the initial aggressor, leaving Barros to clinch. Barros falls to his knees and turtles up, eating a few punches before turning into an unsuccessful knee bar. Kampmann ends up on top in Barros’ half guard. Kampmann looks possibly for a brabo choke as Barros turns on his side. He moves to full mount and throws some short elbows before stocking up high on Barros. Barros turns onto his stomach and throws punches onto a flattened Barros who makes no attempt to improve his position. The referee stops the fight at 3:09 of round 2.

-Eric Schafer vs. Antonio Mendes

R1 – Both men circle. Mendes opens with a low kick and Schafer clinches him on the fence before pulling him into half guard. Schafer reverses nicely to take top position in the half guard and looks to work Mendes’ right arm. mendes turns to his side and Schafer throws in shoulder butts to boos from the crowd. Schafer takes full mount with his right arm behind Mendes’ head. He postures up with Mendes’ neck up on the fence and throws some punches, exciting the crowd. Mendes is defending desperately, keeping his head close to Schafer. He begins trying to turn away, with his legs flat on the mat and eats a number of short punches with no attempt at defense. Finally the referee stops the fight at 3:35 of Rd 1 by TKO (strikes).

-Ivan Serati vs. Thomasz Drwal

R1 – The two men touch gloves. Serati catches a low kick a attempts a takedown. Drawl attempts a clinch and opens punches on the fence. Serati is looking hesitant against the fence after taking these and unsuccessfully attempts a takedown, diving for an ankle before scrambling up again. An exchange of punches has Drawl on top in Serati’s open half guard. He rains down punches to a downed Serati from a standing position. Serati is knocked out and the referee steps in to stop the fight at 2.02 of Rd 1.

-Nate Mohr vs. Denis Siver

R1 – Both men touch gloves and take the centre of the Octagon. Siver opens with a high front kick then a high left . The two engage, with Siver looking the aggressor a flurry of punches follows and Mohr drops but rises immediately. And entourage of blows – punches and kicks has Mohr backing off from one side of the fence to the other before clinching and taking the fight to the ground. Mohr works to get on top in half guard and and Siver looks to hold him low before finally pulling full guard. The ref stands the fight up and Siver feels the distance with punches and a high kick. A short exchange ensues. Mohr lands a liver kick and a left high. A low kick from Mohr is exchanged for a right cross. Siver still working the kicks. Mohr doesn’t looks phased. He has a low kick caught and falls, rising quickly. Siver is still pushing the pace. Mohr throwing singles – both punches and kicks, and Siver throwing more combinations.
MMA Weekly scores the fight 10-9 Siver.

R2 – Both men again looking to find range. Siver the initial aggressor. Mohr appears to be getting his combinations in pace, mixing low kicks with punches. Mohr clinches with a short knee to the body. Mohr throws a nice low kick and a left that connects with sivers body. Siver tries a jumping left hook before returning to kicks. Mohr is successfully working the low kick whilst Siver still has faith in his left high. The two men both look strong at the end of the round. Mohr ends the round the slight aggressor.
MMA Weekly scores the round 10-9 Mohr

R3 Siver’s gumshield falls out and the two touch gloves after he picks it up. Siver is working multiple kick combinations and acknowledges a good low kick from Mohr. Mohr goes to clinch from and exchange and after a short scramble the two separate and return to the centre of the ring. Siver lands a strong 1-2 after working a careful low kick, both inside and outside. The two exchange punches, with Siver following with a kick. A spinning back kick to the liver drops Mohr hard, holding onto his stomach. Siver rushes in to a turtled Mohr and throws punches from the side before the referee steps in to stop it at 3:47 of round 3.


Main Card Bouts:
-Dan Henderson def. Rich Franklin by Split Dec. at 5:00, R3
-Mauricio “Shogun” Rua def. Mark Coleman by TKO (Ref Stoppage) at 4.36, R3
-Rousimar Palhares def. Jeremy Horn by Unanimous Dec. at 5:00, R3
-Alan Belcher def. Denis Kang by Submission (Guillotine) 4:36 R2
-Marcus Davis def. Chris Lytle Split Dec. 5:00, R3

Preliminary Bouts:
-John Hathaway def. Tom Egan by TKO (Strikes) 4:36 R1
-Martin Kampmann def. Alexandre Barros TKO (Strikes) 3:09 R2
-Eric Schafer def Antonio Mendes by TKO (Strikes) 3:35 R1
-Thomasz Drwal def. Ivan Serati by KO 2:02 R1
-Denis Siver def. Nate Mohr by Referee TKO (Strikes) 3:47 R3