by Damon Martin – MMAWeekly.com
Anderson Silva kept his winning streak in the UFC alive, but not the way he wanted to finish the fight against Patrick Cote as the young Canadian blew his knee out in an unfortunate situation during the 3rd round of their championship bout.

As the fight started, Cote kept to his promise to stand and trade with the champion, but it seemed early on that he struggled to get inside of Silva’s reach, as well as throw any real power shots.

Silva wasn’t able to get his opponent to step forward too much in either of the first two rounds, so he became the aggressor at points. The champion landed a devastating knee strike in the first round, but Cote proved that he really does have one of the best chins in all of MMA by surviving the onslaught.

The 2nd round went much the same way as Silva landed the only real power shot of the time period, a big jab that sent Cote’s head snapping backwards, but again the contender shrugged off the shot and kept going.

Commentator Mike Goldberg noted in the 2nd session that Cote seemed to be favoring his right leg, shaking it out, showing obvious pain that came back to haunt him early in the 3rd round.

As the third round began, Cote planted to throw a punch and immediately fell to the ground, clutching his knee and thriving in pain. Referee Herb Dean recognizing that the Canadian had seriously injured himself, called the fight off and declared Silva the winner.

Cote explained the injury to Joe Rogan following the fight and showed pride in his performance against the most dominant fighter in the world today.

“The fight was great before. I was chasing Anderson, I think I’m the only guy who went with Anderson Silva to the third round in the UFC, so I think I did a great job,” Cote said. “I’m sorry I didn’t put on a good show, it’s an old injury, I busted my knee in the 2nd round and I tried to come back in the third, but my knee just popped out.”

Both Cote and Silva apologized profusely to the disappointed crowd in attendance after the main event ended after a very solid two rounds.

“I want to apologize to everyone in the stadium and everyone watching on TV,” Anderson Silva stated following his latest win. “Fighters, you don’t know what they go through, they go through a lot of training, cutting weight, they fight being hurt, and Patrick should not be booed. Because you don’t what it’s like to be in here and go through a training camp like we all do and he should be applauded. I’ll be back here again to put on another show for everybody.”

The middleweight king also commented on his opponent’s toughness and his willingness to fight Cote again in the future.

“Patrick is a great athlete,” Silva said. “We were putting on the fight that the world wanted to see, an entertaining fight, Patrick was here to fight, he was exchanging, it was a fun fight, but unfortunately he got hurt, but we’ll be back again.”

While the 15,359 fans in attendance were not greeted to the ending they wanted, the event still managed a $2.85 million dollar live gate for the event.

Just after the event, MMAWeekly.com was able to confirm that Patrick Cote did indeed blow his knee out, and according to the fighter himself he believes it’s a miniscus, not a torn ligament.