UFC 89 Report: Make Weight, Then War

As UFC 89 in England draws nearer, MMAWeekly.com had the chance to catch up with a number of fighters just about 24 hours away from the weigh-ins and everybody is feeling pretty solid about making weight for their respective fights.

Brandon Vera has been as low as 200lbs leading up to this fight and by his own admission has been eating huge breakfasts to keep the weight on, today he was at 206lbs and feeling fine so he wont be cutting at all in the sauna tomorrow.

Paul Kelly has been eating stupid amounts of food in preparation for this fight, even setting alarm clocks to wake him up in the middle of the night so he can hit the casein protein. He is officially sick of eating so much but it’s the biggest he has ever been for a fight.

Paul Taylor is currently at 176lbs and feeling good, no major cuts this time, has kept himself around the fighting weight leading up to it, still sitting on the fence about fighting at 155lbs. It was mentioned before that he might have been considering the move, but it is all dependant on this showing at UFC 89. He prefers to stay at welterweight, but he isn’t a big guy at that weight.

Jess Liaudin is walking around at 161lbs at the moment and when we spoke to him, he was off to Starbucks in search of “a cappuccino and a muffin with his name on it.”

More updates from England should be coming in throughout the week and weekend.