by MMAWeekly.com
The New Jersey State Athletic Control Board has released a statement following the Ultimate Fight Championship show that took place in Newark, N.J. on Nov. 17 announcing that all athletes tested for performance enhancing substances came back clean.

The report states that every fighter on the card submitted a urine sample on the night of the event and was tested for performance enhancers, alcohol, illegal drugs or drugs of abuse, unauthorized prescription drugs, and banned over-the-counter substances.

Beyond the urine samples taken from every fighter on the card, four competitors were selected the week of the bout to submit a blood test as well.

The blood test was used to check for the presence of 24 different steroids, free testosterone levels, total testosterone levels, and testosterone to epitestosterone ratios.

The NJSACB announced that none of the competitors tested positive for any performance enhancers with the tests they conducted.

The statement doesn’t clarify if the fighters tested were negative for drugs of abuse as it only specifies performance enhancers.