UFC 73:

Frankie Edgar defeated Mark Bocek at 4:55 of Round One by TKO.

Round One: They both started out striking with Bocek going for takedowns and Edgar defending well. The fight was mostly striking with both fighters dropping the other at one point. They ended up on the ground with Edgar in Bocek’s half guard, moving to side control and finished with strikes.

Chris Lytle defeated Jason Gilliam 2:15 of Round One by triangle choke.

Round One: Lytle came out throwing big shots hurting Gilliam early with punches, dropping Gilliam. Lytle followed him down and started grounding and pounding him. Gilliam swept Lytle, but Chris immediately went for lock lock submission, but Gilliam escaped. Lytle went right back to grounding and pounding inside Gilliam’s guard. Lytle put on a reverse triangle choke from the top that ended the fight.

Jorge Gurgel defeated Diego Saraiva by unanimous decision (30-27 on all three scorecards)

Round One: The first couple of minutes were spent striking with Gurgel winning the exchanges but doing little damage. Saraiva pulled guard and Gurgel worked ground and pound. As the round neared it’s end, Gurgel stood up out of Saraiva’s guard, but took a few big shots from Diego as the round ended. MMAWeekly scores Round One 10-9 for Gurgel.

Round Two: First half of the round they exchanged strikes with Gurgel landing more shots. Gurgel landed a flurry and a high kick that seemed to wake Diego up. For the last 30 seconds Saraiva took it to Jorge doing a lot of damage with strikes and probably stole the round. MMAWeekly scores Round Two 10-9 for Saraiva.

Round Three: They traded shots for the first few minutes with Jorge winning the exchanges. Diego went for a takedown but Gurgel stuffed it. Saraiva pulled guard where Jorge did some effective ground and pound. Jorge stood up out of his guard in the final moments, but neither did much standing. MMAWeekly scores the round 10-9 for Gurgel.

Stephan Bonnar defeated Mike Nickels by Rear Naked Choke at 2:14 of Round One.

Round One: Nickels came out striking right away landing shots. Bonnar attempted a body kick that Nickels caught and got the takedown. Nickels worked from guard to the mount, but Bonnar reversed him. Bonnar worked for submission after submission before taking Nickels’ back and finishing him with a Rear Naked Choke.


-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Heath Herring
Rd 1: Nogueria comes out aggressive, takes Herring down and then back on the feet again Nog controls the action. Late in the round after two attempted head kicks, Herring lands a big head kick that floors Nogueira. Herring swoops in but is unable to finish and the round ends
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Nogueria

Rd 2: Herring fails to pursue a still groggy Nogueria and the Brazilian gets back in the round with solid striking. He gets Herring to the ground, gets mount and then takes Herring’s back but the Texan reverses and stands back up. Nogueria ends the round with another takedown
MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 10-9 for Nogueria

Rd 3: Nogueira and Herring trade shots on the feet with Nogueira getting the better of the exchanges. Nogueira again takes the fight down to the mat where he takes his back and tries to lock on a rear naked choke but Herring reverses once again. The fight ends with Nogueira and Herring trading stand-up once again.

Winner: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria by unanimous decision (29-28 on all score cards)

Sean Sherk vs. Hermes Franca
Rd 1: Sherk shoots in quickly and Franca locks on a tight guillotine choke that looked to finish the fight but Sherk withstands and puts Hermes on the mat and pounds him for the remainder of the round.
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Sean Sherk

Rd 2: Sherk gets caught by a huge knee strike from Hermes Franca but the champion recovered and took control on the ground. Franca did manage a sweep to reverse at one point but the majority of the round was spent with Sherk in dominant control on the ground.
MMAWeekly scores RD 2 10-9 for Sean Sherk

Rd 3: Sherk smothers Franca for the entire round. Sherk takes down Franca at will and passes guard without any struggle. Sherk works to punch Franca on the ground as the Brazilian struggles under Sherk’s strength
MMAWeekly scores Rd 3 10-9 for Sean Sherk

Rd 4: Franca lands another knee that looks fantastic but does no damage to Sherk and again he takes Franca down at will. Passing guard and hitting Franca with shots from the top sums up the round
MMAWeekly scores Rd 4 10-9 for Sean Sherk

Rd 5: Much of the same action from the previous few rounds with Sherk taking Franca down over and over again. Sherk’s conditioning and strength are just too much for Hermes Franca

Winner: Sean Sherk by unanimous decision (50-45 on all judges scorecards)

Tito Ortiz vs. Rashad Evans
Rd 1: Tito shoots in early in the round and takes Evans down with relative ease but once on the ground Rashad does a good job avoiding any damage and works back to the feet. The majority of the remainder of the round is spent with Ortiz pushing Rashad against the cage but no more takedowns
MMAWeekly scores Rd 1 10-9 for Tito Ortiz

Rd 2: Ortiz landing better shots on the feet and eventually gets another takedown on Evans. Rashad works well from the ground to get back up and work for a takedown of his own and Ortiz grabs the fence, to which John McCarthy takes a point away. Ortiz gets taken down and then locks on a very tight guillotine choke on Evans to end the round
MMAWeekly scores Rd 2 9-9 even.

Rd 3: Back and forth action, with some good stand-up from Rashad finally. He did manage a very good takedown with only seconds to go in the fight and put Ortiz on his back.

All 3 judges score the bout 28-28 for a unanimous draw mostly due to the point taken away from Ortiz in the 2nd round.

Anderson Silva vs. Nathan Marquardt
Rd 1: Marquardt gets the early takedown after Silva attempts a flying knee. Marquardt doesn’t do much inside of Silva’s guard and eventually John McCarthy stands the fight up. Silva almost gets taken down again but reverses and puts Marquardt on his back and lands a huge shot that rocks him. Soon after Silva lands a few more shots and the fight is stopped

Winner: Anderson Silva by TKO Rd 1 (Referee’s stoppage due to strikes)

Kenny Florian vs. Alvin Robinson
Rd 1: Florian wants to stand but Robinson goes for a takedown early and does manage a nice judo throw but can’t keep Florian down. From that point on, Florian took control and dominated Robinson at every stage taking him down, getting mount and after reigning down some some vicious elbows and punches to end the fight

Winner: Kenny Florian by TKO (Referee’s Stoppage due to strikes on the ground) Rd 1