by MMAWeekly.com LIVE (Courtesy of Stephen Holland)
MMAWeekly.com brings you LIVE RESULTS from today’s UFC 72 from the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The opening bouts are scheduled to start shortly after 10:30am PT / 1:30pm ET, which is 6:30pm locally in Belfast.

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Dustin Hazelett def. Steve Lynch by Submission (Anaconda Choke) at 2:50, R1
After a brief exchange that saw Hazelett drop Lynch, the fighters were back on their feet. Hazelett then bulled Lynch to the canvas and was able to sink in the fight-ending Anaconda choke.

Eddie Sanchez def. Colin Robinson by TKO (due to strikes) at 0:32, R2
An exciting first round saw Robinson stagger Sanchez and nearly finish him with ground and pound before gassing and getting reversed. The second round started with Robinson still gassed. Sanchez easily took him down and finished the fight with strikes from the mount.

Marcus Davis def. Jason Tan by TKO (due to strikes) at 1:15, R1
Tan started out good with leg kicks, but Davis used his hands to take over with a left-right combination that dropped Tan. Davis followed him down and the ref stepped in quickly to stop the fight.

Ed Herman def. Scott Smith by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:25, R2

Round 1 – Herman took Smith down early and often, working his ground and pound. A few minutes into the first, an elbow by Herman opened a big cut on Smith’s nose, causing a break to check the cut. They restarted with Herman in Smith’s guard with Herman again utilizing the ground and pound attack. Smith escapes in a scramble and from standing in Herman’s guard goes for a leglock but Herman escapes to Smith’s back as the round closes in a scramble. MMAWeekly (Herman 10-9)

Round 2 – Herman shot in early, but Smith sprawled. As the two came back up, Smith secured a guillotine and they went back to the ground, but Herman escaped and started working his ground and pound again. Throwing forearms, Herman re-opened the cut on Smith’s nose. In another scramble, Herman took Smith’s back and choked him out.

Tyson Griffin def. Clay Guida by Split Decision (29-28, 29-28 Griffin; 29-28 Guida), 3 Rounds

Round 1 – An early scramble and brief exchange hit the ground with Griffin applying a guillotine choke from bottom, but Guida escaped. Clinched against the fence, Griffin was working from behind Guida, the fighters then scrambled and back up to a front clinch against the cage, trading knees. A brief exchange briefly seemed to shock Griffin. The round ended with the fighters exchanging, Griffin getting the better of it, until Guida landed a good knee just before the bell. MMAWeekly (Griffin 10-9)

Round 2 – Following another exchange, they clinched against the cage and Griffin took Guida down. Back up, they start trading strikes again, Griffin still seeming to get off first, both with his jabs and kicks, but Guida showing lots of heart and going for the takedown. Griffin pops up and out working from Guida’s back once again. They scramble and Guida secures a kneebar, but Griffin started working for an heel hook. Scrambling again, Guida takes Griffin’s back, working for the rear naked choke. Griffin stands up with Guida on his back and then slams forward driving Guida’s head into the mat. But Guida wouldn’t come off of Griffin’s back and starts punching as the round ends. MMAWeekly (Guida 10-9, 19-19 after Round 2)

Round 3 – Griffin starts off strong, winning the striking battle, landing combos and a knee to the face of Guida. Guida works for a single leg and gets Griffin to the ground, but ends up with both fighters on their backs, Guida pinned by the cage and Griffin dropping elbows on Guida’s head. Following another scramble, Guida gets to top position in Griffin’s half-guard and starts working ground and pound. Guida stands in Griffin’s guard and eats and up-kick, but he drops down and starts working ground and pound again from half-guard. Guida stays in control working from Griffin’s side and then back into his guard with ground and pound to finish the round. MMAWeekly (Guida 10-9, 29-28 Guida after Round 3)

Jason MacDonald def. Rory Singer by TKO (due to strikes) at 3:18, R2

Round 1 – The fighters clinch early, but neither seeming to have much advantage, until Singer starts landing knees almost 2 minutes into the round. But MacDonald pushes Singer to his back on the mat and lands in Singer’s guard, grounding and pounding. Singer does a good job tying up and defending MacDonald’s strikes, up-kicks MacDonald off of him. They scramble back down to the mat with Singer controlling. Back up, Singer outstrikes MacDonald, muscles him to the ground landing in mount. MacDonald reverses into Singer’s guard. Singer locks on a triangle choke, but runs out of time at round’s end. MMAWeekly (Singer 10-9)

Round 2 – MacDonald gets the takedown and works from Singer’s guard. MacDonald controlling, working a plodding ground and pound attack, but Singer defending well. MacDonald passes to half-guard and then full mount dropping down punches and forearms until the referee stops the fight.

Forrest Griffin def. Hector Ramirez by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27), 3 Rounds

Round 1 – Griffin starts out the aggressor with leg kicks, but Ramirez takes Griffin down into Griffin’s guard, but Griffin is quickly back on his feet. Griffin lands a left head kick. Griffin patiently working over Ramirez’s legs with kicks and then starts edging out with his superior striking, mixing things up with his punches and kicks. MMAWeekly (Griffin 10-9)

Round 2 – They clinch and Griffin goes to work with knees before they separate. The pace slowed a bit, but Griffin still outstriking Ramirez. Griffin is displaying a more mature striking game than e as in the past where he goes all out from bell to bell. Three-and-a-half minutes into the round, Griffin lights Ramirez up with a combination of punches and knees, but catches Ramirez below the belt. They start back up quickly and Griffin goes right back to work with his striking. Griffin doing a good job staying away from the takedown and picking his shots, eating away at Ramirez. MMAWeekly (Griffin 10-9, 20-18 after Round 2)

Round 3 – The round starts with more of the same, Griffin outstriking Ramirez before Ramirez nearly secures the takedown. But Griffin fights it off and starts up his striking attack once again. Griffin is in total control landing combination and multiple leg kicks. A little surprising, Griffin starts rocking Ramirez with punches and knees, but backs off, very uncharacteristic of the Griffin we’ve seen in the past. With 30 seconds left, Griffin unloads another series of brutal knees, but Ramirez hangs tough and finishes the round. MMAWeekly (Griffin 10-9, 30-27 after Round 3)

Rich Franklin def. Yushin Okami by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28), 3 Rounds

Round 1 – The first 3 minutes were spent sizing each other up before Franklin and Okami clinched along the fence. But with no action, the referee separated them. Franklin lands a nice leg kick. Not too much action through the first round, but Franklin being a little more aggressive trying to find an opening. Franklin lands another nice leg kick just before the close of the round. MMAWeekly (Franklin 10-9)

Round 2 – Neither fighter in a hurry to commit, but Franklin still being a little more aggressive in trying to find an opening. Okami shot in for the takedown, but Franklin defended well and they end up in a standing clinch along the fence. Ten minutes into the fight and still neither fighter has been willing to commit although Franklin is edging out the fight by landing some leg kicks and being a little more aggressive. MMAWeekly (Franklin 10-9, 20-18 after Round 2)

Round 3 – Okami comes out with a flying knee that misses, apparently aware that he needs to make something happen to win the fight. The fighters clinch and Okami finally gets the trip to take Franklin down and lands in half guard. Okami moves quickly to full mount and starts to ground and pound, but Franklin does a good job getting his knee in under Okami to block. They scramble and Okami lands a guillotine and takes it to the ground, but Franklin pops his head out. Okami tries to stand and Franklin gets him back to the ground, but Okami lands a Kimura attempt, Franklin rolls and tucks his arm into his body, defending well. Okami goes to his back and Franklin slips out of the Kimura and starts working from half guard to finish the round. MMAWeekly (Okami 10-9; Franklin 29-28 after 3 Rounds)