by MMAWeekly TV
MMAWeekly TV caught up with Terry Martin, Din Thomas, and Houston Alexander after their fights in Las Vegas this weekend.

Din Thomas who garnered the Submission of the Night at UFC 71 for his armbar victory over Jeremy Stephens was excited about his performance saying,” I new he would get lost in the jui-jitsu game, [I] had to take him into the deep waters. That was the inexperience of him you know.”

Din was also very vocal about calling out boxer Kermit Cintron in the octagon after his fight and said to MMAWeekly,” I think boxers don’t give us enough respect. And, I think they think they can just come in here because they have been making so much money, so much more money than us, that they can just come on in here and talk trash. Then they come here and fight us…. I just want to let them know that if they’re looking for a fight- they got one.”

Din Thomas even went on to say in order to get the fight that “we’ll do a boxing match and then you do an MMA match. I’d be willing to do that.”

Terry Martin who upset Ivan Salaverry talks about his late father’s influence on him to drop from Light-Heavyweight to Middleweight. As Terry would say,”‘I don’t want to, I don’t feel like dropping down [in weight].’ I like eating my doughnuts and stuff. So, I ended up dropping down and it’s been successful.”

The hard work is paying off for Terry who also talked about his wrestling background, competing against Jeff Monson. Terry also has his Masters degree and talks about balancing school with his fight career as he continues to go to school for his PhD.

Houston Alexander surprised a lot of people as he was a big underdog on the betting lines against Keith Jardine. “No one has really gone after Keith,” said Houston.” Our gameplan was to just go after him and test his chin, he’s tested everbody elses chin, why not us test his.”

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