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MMAWeekly brings you live results tonight as they come in from UFC 69 in Houston, Texas. The main event features newly crowned welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre’s first title defense against Matt Serra and a co-main event of Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck.

The first preliminary bout is scheduled to begin at 5:15pm PT / 8:15 ET and the initial results will follow as soon as the fights begin.

Please refresh this page frequently as results are updated as they come in.


Welterweight Bout
Josh Haynes vs. Luke Cummo

Luke Cummo def. Josh Haynes by KO at 2:45 of round 2.

RD 1: The first round was somewhat uneventful as both men danced around the Octagon looking for an opening. As the men exchanged blows, Cummo landed a nice left hook that seemed to hurt Haynes, though he stayed tough through the end of Round 1.

RD 2: The second round started much like the first with both men exchanging punches, but at the 2:45 mark Cummo caught Haynes with a right hook that dropped Josh to the floor. Cummo didn’t attack right away and the referee stepped in and Haynes attempted a single leg on the referee. Haynes was clearly rocked, but the fight may have been stopped a bit prematurely.

Welterweight Bout
Marcus Davis vs. Pete Spratt

Marcus Davis def. Pete Spratt by Straight Ankle Lock at 2:57 of round 2.

RD 1: This fight started off with Marcus Davis riding Spratt’s back for well over two minutes. Davis was locked to Spratt’s back with a body triangle, but Spratt defended well and eventually got the reversal near the end of the round.

RD 2: This round started with good some good exchanges by both men on the feet, but Spratt seemed to get the better of the standup. Davis rushed in on Spratt and landed in Pete’s guard. At the 2:57 mark Davis drops back and secures a straight ankle lock to get the tapout.

Middleweight Bout
Thales Leites vs. Pete Sell

Thales Leites def. Pete Sell by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

RDS 1,2,3: Leites dominated all three rounds of this fight with submission attempts and devastating ground and pound. Leites came close to securing an arm triangle on Sell with only a few seconds left in the first round, but Sell survived through the bell. Solid performance and a great victory for Leites.

Heavyweight Bout
Brad Imes vs. Heath Herring

Heath Herring def. Brad Imes by Unanimous Decision

RDS 1,2,3: Heath Herring dominated Imes throughout most of this fight on his way to a unanimous decision victory. Herring dropped Imes 3 or 4 times throughout the fight and followed up with smashing ground and pound, though he was never able to put Imes away. Imes showed great heart in this fight and in the third round even caught Herring with a nice knee to the head. It was too little, too late, though and Herring won the unanimous decision. Herring gets his much needed first win in the Octagon.


Middleweight Bout
Alan Belcher vs. Kendall Grove

Kendall Grove def. Alan Belcher by Darce choke at 4:42 of the 2nd round.

RD 1: The two men exchange punches and Belcher secures a nice takedown into side control. Kendall reverses Belcher and stands up into a Thai clinch. Kendall throws some nice combinations and uses his reach effectively. Action packed first round in the first PPV fight of the night.

RD 2: This round picks up right where the first one left off with both men exchanging blows. The men tie up against the cage and Belcher is bleeding from the top of his head. Grove takes Belcher down and throws a number of unanswered elbows. Belcher gets up, but Kendall unloads a barrage of punches nearly stopping Belcher. Kendall secures a nice double leg takedown and dominates on the ground before putting Belcher to sleep with a Darce choke at the 4:42 mark of this round.

Middleweight Bout
Yushin Okami vs. Mike Swick

Yushin Okami def. Mike Swick by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

RD 1: Both men are feeling each other out as this fight gets underway. Nearly 3 minutes into this round, Okami overpowers Swick with a body lock and takes him to the floor. Okami is now on top of Swick and works some ground and pound. Yushin attempts a kimura, but Swick counters well and holds on through the end of the round.

RD 2: This round continues much like the 1st with both men hesitant to throw any big combinations. Okami attempts a takedown, but Swick prevents it. Okami tries for another takedown and this time secures it. Yushin stands in Swick’s guard and tries to land big shots, but Swick defends. Referee Mario Yamasaki stands both men up for a lack of action. After being stood up for the second time in this round, Swick tees off on Okami and scores much needed points before the bell sounds.

RD 3: Both men start out cautiously in this final round. After a handful of punches from Swick and a nice counter punch from Okami, the Japanese fighter secures the takedown. Okami secures mount and then takes Swick’s back. Yushin tees off on Swick, but the hometown boy shows great heart. Swick reverses Okami and ends this round throwing punches from Okami’s half guard.

Lightweight Bout
Roger Huerta vs. Leonard Garcia

Roger Huerta def. Leonard Garcia by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

RD 1: The men come out and touch gloves and then immediately begin a furious pace. After a good exchange on the feet, the fight goes to the ground and Huerta gains top control. After a number of position changes, Huerta ends up back in nearly the same position on top of Garcia. Huerta starts throwing big punches from on top of Garcia, but Leonard shows his toughness and refuses to show any pain, even smiling when Huerta catches him with good strikes.

RD 2: This round opens with another blaze of strikes from both men. After the fireworks slow down a bit, Huerta takes the fight to the mat. Garcia escapes from the bottom position and both men are back on their feet throwing a plethora of power shots. After slowing down a bit on the feet, Huerta takes the fight back to the mat. The round ends with Huerta throwing pumches and elbows from on top of Garcia.

RD 3: The final round opens with a mutual show of respect from both fighters as they touch gloves in the center of the Octagon. Both men continue to throw punches with reckless abandon until Huerta takes the fight back to the ground. Huerta is controlling Garcia on the ground, but then Garcia reverses fortunes and takes Huerta’s back. Roger stays calm and eventually rolls Garcia and regains top position. This action-packed fight ends with both men fighting to the final bell. This is definitely the most entertaining fight thus far tonight.

*Following the Huerta/Garcia fight, some extracurricular activity took place between future competitors Tito Ortiz and Rashad Evans. It is unclear how the altercation began, but the two men had to be broken up by security and other personnel before any punches could be thrown.

Welterweight Bout
Diego Sanchez vs. Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck def. Diego Sanchez by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

RD 1: As this fight opens, both men are showing great patience and seem to be sticking to their gameplans. Surprisingly, neither man has attempted a takedown yet. Just as I say that, Koscheck attempts and secures a takedown with seconds left in the round. Just before the round ends, though, Diego reverses Koscheck and takes top position.

RD 2: Whether they wish to admit it or not, both men are showing one another great respect as this round opens. Koscheck is outstriking Sanchez to this point in the fight. Josh has now landed two nice right hands in this round and seems to be really pulling away on the feet. The 2nd round ends with both men throwing leather on their feet.

RD 3: In this round Sanchez needs to score some big points if he wants to keep his undefeated record intact. This round is pretty uneventful and ends with both men on their feet throwing cautious punches. Koscheck will win the unanimous decision.

UFC Welterweight Championship
Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Serra

Matt Serra def. Georges St. Pierre by TKO at 3:25 of round 1.

RD 1: This title-fight begins with some crisp strikes coming from each man. St. Pierre is looking for head kicks and Matt Serra is looking for body shots. After a couple minutes of back and forth striking, Serra caught St. Pierre with a punch and then punished him until St. Pierre was out on the Octagon floor. Matt Serra is the new UFC welterweight champion.